New pack review and update

We hope you had a very happy New Year!  We are excited what 2018 may bring.

First up we are slowly releasing our second wave of Tamarin/Space Chimp stuff.  This includes our space chimp patriarch which unfortunately has been delayed by slow shipment of bases of all things.

The Tamarin second wave includes the following –

Tamarin Patriarch with bodyguard

Tamarin Patriarch on wardisc

Tamarin autonomous weapon platform

Tamarin Specialist and Moon Monkeys

Also early next year we have the long delayed release of Space Cop Lorena Law and her 2 Robodogs as well as a few more exciting projects.

Over the next couple of weeks you will notice that some pack sizes, qualities and types of models within the packs will change.  This is about getting the packs more suited to what people are collecting.  We have already started this with the Tamarin/Space Chimp rage.

We have maintained our popular 10 pack for the ion rifles but we have replaced one trooper with a leader instead.  We have also reduced our single model range and made some more bundles that make a bit more sense.

Happy 2018!

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