Dwerg Federation – Tamarin Raid

Boris scratched his head as Aleksey threw down 4 aces. How could it be? Three games in a row! Stunned by disbelief, Boris began opening his mouth to protest when Grigori burst through the hab block door. “Raid”, he yelled. Boris, Aleksey and several other colonists grabbed their laser rifles and rushed outside.
“Protect the condensers”, yelled Grigori. It was soon apparent that Tamarin raiders had come for the water. Moisture was rare in this system, more valuable than its weight in gold, and the Dwerg colonists depended on the condensers for their very survival on this harsh planet.
Conflict with the Tamarin was also rare and normally there was some amicable trade between the two races. The Tamarin possessed a level of technology well beyond that of the practical Dwerg so the raid showed how desperate this small warband was. Perhaps they were bandits or corsairs who had been banished from their fleet? Or perhaps something had changed for the Tamarin? Whatever it was, the Dwerg colonists would rather fight to the death than be robbed of a single drop of water.

As Tamarin raiders attack Dwerg moisture condensers, Dwerg Federation colonists rush to defend their livelihood.

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