Painting Lamiar Gun Slaves – Part 1

Lamiarian Gun Slaves are Lamiar who have failed to gain her blessing. Therefore they do not have an inner fire that can be called upon for war. To put it simply, they cant manifest magic fire that they can throw from their hands like all other Lamiar.

As a result they are forced into slavery. In Lamiarian culture guns are shameful weaponsonly fit for slaves.


Obviously being metal there is some degree of skill required to assemble. I did these without any need for pinning as most parts have square pins cast. There was a little cleaning required but no more I think than any other metal, plastic or resin model I have assembled before.

There were only 2 gaps I decided to fill and both were in the worm part. However in hindsight some light filing and more careful fitting would have made gap filling unnecessary.


Pretty simple. For these I just used some grey primer I got from $2 store. I find it remains slightly tacky which is great for painting over.


I am currently painting up gun slaves now and I am currently on first stage highlight. After breaking my airbrush I 100% brush paint everything now. I have chosen Vallejo Rose as the base coat for the worm parts highlighted up through Vallejo Salmon to a mix of Salmon and white. I have used some purple ink from Army Builder paints as a shade.

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