Who Are the Bots? Origin and backstory of the Bots

Who are the Bots?

In the beginning there were only Valiants. Beings created by the One to serve Him. Of these, the greatest was named Galaxy. Overtime Galaxy grew proud and rebelled against the One. A third of all the Valiants allied with Galaxy for this rebellion. The rebellion was defeated, and all the rebels were imprisoned in a dimensional prison and sent hurtling through space for eternity.

However soon after the dimensional prison was launched, it was discovered that the trajectory calculations were flawed and that it was on a collision course with Earth – third planet from the Sun. A Valiant taskforce was assembled and given robust bodies with which to pursue and correct the rebels trajectory. Despite best efforts the taskforce failed, and the dimensional prison was broken, freeing the entities inside. Now changed and warped from the consequence of their rebellion and the torment in prison they took on a new name – Deceivers.

The Deceivers, being without bodies, found that they could inhabit machines more easily than they could people and over a short period of time constructed factories suitable for constructing machine bodies of immense power. These factories possessed the ability to download and read the consciousness of each Deceiver and construct a body according to the code within.

In the meantime, the Valiants had arrived on Earth in full physical form. Seeing the humans under attack they took pity and formed an alliance, rescuing humanity from a life of pain and servitude under King Gills. It wasn’t until the conflict of the first Atlantican war was almost over that the Valiants first encountered the Deceivers new physical forms.

In this first physical Bot War battle many Deceivers and Valiants were destroyed. Only then was the curse on the Deceivers fully realised. As all beings are immortal, once destroyed the consciousness leaves the physical and returns to the One. There their code is cleaned and organised ready to download into a new physical form. However, the Deceivers are now denied access in this way so their consciousness now waits in the ether for downloading.

This means that each time they are downloaded small errors and fragmented files are not repaired. Over time this leads to Deceivers becoming more and more corrupted with each download. Eventually leading to the curse of the Infester. Infesters were Deceivers who have been downloaded too often and have lost all sense of who they are. Rendered to their base evil instincts. Their bodies reflect their corrupted data. They only operate to devour and destroy continually.

The Deceivers themselves embody the immoral and evil continually. Unlike Infesters, Deceivers can still plan and scheme and have forethought and some purpose of self-preservation. Since assuming physical form on Earth the Deceivers as a united force have fractured. Often, they war among themselves as all those with ambition and selfishness do. After the three years of Bot War, four clear Deceiver factions have emerged under the banners of Death, Wrath, Famine and Plague. There are also a host of smaller less well-known factions. Of the four main factions, each is led by a Tyrant. A Tyrant is the apex of Deceiver hierarchy. It is a rank that can be achieved any way possible but mostly through might, dominance and ruthlessness.

Death is led by Galaxy Tyrant. Currently the whereabouts of whom is unknown. Death also claims many smaller fragmented factions under their banner and these continue to fragment further with Galaxy Tyrants absence. Infesters also often fight under the banner of Death.

Wrath is led by Megatyrant. Wrath is the faction often in conflict with the Democracy and the Valiants as they are based close to Democracy territory. Megatyrant is perhaps the most powerful Deceiver of them all aside from perhaps combined Deceivers. He is called the Herald of Wrath because he often leads even the smallest of skirmishes. He is also responsible in part for the creation of the Queen of Infesters after he purposely and repeatedly destroyed a powerful Deceiver to create a leader to try and control the Infesters. Although his plan to ally the Infesters to his banner failed, the Queen was created and she does control the Infesters to a degree.

Famine is led by the Queen. Created by Megatyrant from one of his own most loyal subjects, she turned against him with the onset of the Infester curse (and perhaps the fact that he repeatedly destroyed her to achieve it). The Queen has some control over the Infesters and uniquely among the Bots is able to recall the Infester consciousness from the ether into new bodies. When Infesters become too weak for Bot bodies she moves them into her Swarms. Hordes of insect like creatures that are hungry for destruction continually. Throughout the Bot War the Queens power has grown exponentially. With each battle her ranks grow.

Plague is led by Electrotyrant. Electrotyrant has recently achieved Tyrant status after deceiving Megatyrant and subverting some of his followers. Like the banners namesake, Electrotyrants rise to power was subtle and insidious. Mostly done in secret over time. By far the smallest of the banners, Electrotyrant believes it will soon be the largest. Rather than fight in open conflict, Electrotyrant retreated from Earth to the Moon. There he has constructed large factories that are producing hordes of autonomous bots controlled by a single entombed consciousness. Electrotyrants plan is that these automatons will soon become a plague over the whole Earth.

Most Bots resemble parts of other machines throughout their bodies. This is because the consciousness of each Bot cannot create their own true forms so instead must use other premade forms they recognise to build their body in sections. With Valiants, this often takes the form of Earthly machine shapes they recognise day to day. For Deceivers though, these machines more represent the mechanical representations of evil spiritual forms – horns, wings and talons. This trait within bots only becomes more pronounced with each rebirth. So Valiants that have fallen in battle several times will look much more like Earth vehicles than a Valiant that has never fallen in battle. While a Deceiver that has never fallen in battle may only have some minor horns as opposed to a Deceiver that has fallen a few times in battle which will appear very demon like in both construction and colour.