So what/who are Infesters?

Little is known of Valiants and Deceivers. It is however known that they are immortal beings within a robotic shell.

When these shells are destroyed the immortal soul within is not destroyed. If a Valiant is destroyed this “code” flees back to the One where it is renewed, “debugged” and prepared to be redownloaded into a repaired body. But if a Deceiver is destroyed this process does not happen. It simply awaits the download in the ether. Therefore over time a Deceivers “code” becomes more and more fragmented until little is left of what it once was. This degradation has symptoms and is reflected in the debased appearance of the robotic shells.

Thankfully Infesters are low in numbers now. But inevitably this is the final stage for all Deceivers. Should that happen, humanity may be doomed with plagues of Infesters sweeping across the globe.