The first Atlantican War – Bot War Origin Story


The year is 1985. For the last 40 years the Democracy has led planet earth.

At first, this dominion was an agreeable one. The Democracy’s values were an inspiration to all nations of the earth. Even the Red Star nations could not help but admire them. Just over 20 years into the Democracy’s reign, a leader arose. Young and charismatic, he exhorted the people to greater purpose. He upheld the noble values upon which the Democracy was founded and the people prospered. He fought against many of the wrongs that existed in Democracy society to make it better. What was not understood by many was that evil had already infiltrated the hopeful nation.

From within, evil alliances had been made and the young leader was assassinated, the corrupt then took full control from the shadows. With full control they slowly started to break down the strong values upon which the Democracy had been built. One by one they eroded them. As the pillars of society started to crumble, trust broke down. Crime and decadence increased. Corporate greed reigned supreme and the evil alliances were strengthened between those in power and the corporations.

With the Democracy now in thrall, the evil alliance turned their lustful gaze upon other nations. Wars raged as the Democracy, who once led by shining example, now dominated and ruled by fear. No other nation dare challenge the Democracy. Small nations were invaded on a regular basis to communicate what fate awaited any who resisted. It was at this height of evil power and fear that the Democracy fell.

While all nations on the earth feared the Democracy there was another nation hidden under the sea that did not. A nation that had remained in the depths undiscovered for millennia. On the surface legends still survived about a mysterious sunken nation in the Atlantic. These legends became living nightmares when 4 years ago Atlantica rose from the sea to challenge the supremacy of the Democracy. From the depths marched legions of Mermen with weapons and technology far in advance of the most advanced Democracy arsenal.

The Democracy and their remaining allies were hard pressed. Many of their former allies abandoned them as their own nations came under attack. At the head of the Atlantican legions was King Gills. A ruthless and merciless Atlantican King set on global and ultimately galactic conquest. The Earth’s surface was but a single first step on his way to total galactic domination.

As King Gills’ campaign of conquest marched towards the capital it seemed that the Democracy was finished.

Then the Bots came……..

In the chaos of the first Atlantican war no one is quite sure where the Bots came from. While it is known now that several factions of Bots exist, some good, some evil. It was the Valiants, thankfully, that first made contact with the citizen militias of the Democracy. The citizen militia acting outside government control quickly made allies and befriended the Valiant forces. From that point the tide turned against King Gills’ legions. Having no Bots themselves, the Atlanticans fell back wherever the Valiants joined the attack. Eventually Atlantica was pushed back into the sea and being unable follow, the Democracy citizenry and Valiant allies turned their attention to the evil people still in power over the nation. For the most part the evil people chose to flee retribution, taking with them wealth beyond measure. Of those that didn’t, few survived.

For the last few years the Democracy has continued to heal its wounds. While the first Altantican war only lasted a year the following Bot War has now lasted 3 years with no end in sight. The Democracy has learnt to fight against superior technology and weaponry by reengaging with their old human allies and reigniting the flame of their moral values and proud traditions. Militarily the Democracy has developed a highly specialised guerrilla fighting force that can hold their own against enemy bot forces without Valiant help. Although battle is constant and the recovery slow.

Initially sent as a task force to intercept the Deceivers, the Valiants themselves have also been hard pressed. Even with aid from the Beastlords they find themselves spread thin across several fronts against several different factions. Deceiver and Infester attacks grow in strength and effectiveness on an almost weekly basis.

Furthermore the evil people that escaped the Democracy purge have resurfaced at the head of a global cult called Snake Corp. Armed with Bot technology and fanatical followers they are a constant threat to the recovering Democracy.

King Gills, now armed with Bots of his own prepares to redress the humiliation of his previous defeat. His legions are ready to march once again to the surface and the staging ground for galactic supremacy.

Finally, a recent threat from the depths of space, drawn like moths to the flame of the bot war… the Overlords! Huge alien monsters, on earth to test their latest mutated gladiatorial monsters against the power of the Bots.

Welcome to Bot War