October Limited Exclusive Model – Cadmia

Cadmia is fierce and determined and this often gets her into trouble. She regularly takes on tasks much greater than her ability and this has meant that she has required to be rescued on more than one occasion. Despite or perhaps because of this slight flaw in her personality, Cadmia has achieved more than any other female class Valiant to date.

Her talent for singleminded stubbornness meant that Steelia made for her a compact jetpack to extract her from difficult situations. However unfortunately Cadmia has used this gift to get herself into trouble rather than out of it.

Either way, Cadmia is a formidable Valiant and totally loyal to the One. Her Valiant colleagues respect her and her battlefield prowess. During battle Cadmia is fast and sure footed, using her jetpack to great effect, out manoeuvring the enemy and blasting them with her electron blaster.

October exclusive – Cadmia is FREE with all orders of $250aud or more for the month of OCTOBER ONLY.


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