Deceivers Origins Continued

With the separation of Megatyrant and Electrotyrant the known Deceiver forces fragmented into just a few Bots across each faction. Both Tyrants tried to supplement their numbers with drones or the slightly superior Mirror Warriors. However these were only moderately successful. Lacking the code requirements for ether connection the drone code becomes increasingly unreliable.

As Megatyrant and Electrotyrants forces dwindle the third Tyrants forces strengthen seemingly from no where.

Deep underground in the destroyed shell of a massive subterranean scientific facility, a black nothingness floats amid barely flickering lights. The half destroyed and blackened sign above an adjacent dark corridor can only just be made out as COILS lab 1. No one knows what happened here. At least no human knows.

A giant Bot kneels, sword in hand, before the nothingness. Large blade like wings cast vampiric shadows in the gloom. A deep booming voice from the nothingness addresses the kneeling servant.

“Narcitron, our time is almost at hand”. “Our lessors have been diminished, while we have gained in power”. “Like death itself I have been patient and like death itself I will always be the victor”. “Even the One will eventually fall if we are patient enough.” “You are my emissary.” “You are my right hand”. “You are the right hand of death”.

“Now is the time to call all Deceivers under my banner”. “Send out the seven sins to Megatyrant and Electrotyrants forces”. “The message is to join us, or join the Queen”.

The large Bot bowed, rose and strode towards the dim shaft of light emanating from a totally destroyed lift shaft large enough to fit an entire office block. He walked into the light and looked up. Exerting all his strength his form changed into a demonlike spaceship as he skyrocketed vertically up towards the light source. Unable to maintain the twisted form for long, he changed back into his Bot form as he breached the surface, the momentum bringing him down in a mighty leap.

“What news from the Master?” Asked a sly looking Bot with a rotting Shark Warrior carcass impaled on his staff. “They join us or join the Queen”, answered Narcitron.

“Send out the sins”……..