September Exclusive Miniature – Demolition

September Exclusive miniature – Demolition.
Demolition is a mercenary and is packed free with all orders of $160usd or more in September AEST. He forms part of an exclusive Mercenary faction or can be allies to specific factions in fun games.
Demolition was present at the very first Deceiver battle on earth. Snake Corp troops had cornered Destructor and a handful of Deceivers and despite the power of the Deceivers the Snake Corp force posed a bothersome threat.
During that battle, Demolition was hit by an Anti Bot Missile and fell into a nearby ravine. Destructor and Redwing fled the battle assuming that Demolition would be redownloaded into a new form one step closer to the Queens embrace.
But fate had other plans for Demolition.
Severely damaged but not quite enough for his code to seek the ether, Demolition spent some weeks at the bottom of the ravine, too alive to die and too dead to live.
Eventually he managed to engage his repair protocols and this ejected Arsenal who although damaged himself, was able to scrounge enough parts to repair himself and Demolition.
After months in the ravine scavenging for themselves the pair were reluctant to return to the Deceiver forces. Still weak, the pair instead find “odd jobs” in the back waters and deserts of the Democracy and are paid in parts and energy.