Blog Post 27-09-20 – October Exclusive Miniature – Arsenal!!

Hi All,  My apologies for the sporadic timing of these Blog posts :).

Its been a crazy last two weeks with a lot happening but also not much happening.  Let me try explain that contradiction 😀

So at the moment my bases order has been delayed which has been ridiculously frustrating to say the least.  This has meant that even regular orders have had some delays.  I realise that delays are pretty crappy so to compensate those who have had their orders delayed I have made a special Valiant miniature called Artomas.  Artomas is an exclusive character but he essentially uses the same rules as Topshot.  Here shown below in Orange and Blue.

My sincere apologies for this delay, but I hope you like the free Artomas, I am expecting all outstanding orders to be cleared by 3 October.

Now Artomas IS NOT the October exclusive miniature.   He is an extra.  As I type this there are just 3 days left to get the September exclusive model -Demolition.  Demolition has the host special rule and therefore can carry cassettes.

The October exclusive model is a cassette and his name is Arsenal!  Shown below

Arsenal is packed free in October with orders of $160usd or more!!  The dates are in Australian times.  Like Demolition and previous exclusives, Blockade and Suckerpunch, Arsenal is a mercenary and will use the Mercenary stat cards that are in trial development currently.  Check them out over on the About the Bot War game section of this website.

In more Bot War news,  the new Valiants are in full production and I still expecting these close to the end of October.  With the Valiants army deal I also have Ironskin, resculpted Phantom and Code Red getting the Resin treatment as well as an amazing all new Starfighter and a Resin version of Rielse!!!!

Valiants are about to get a lot of resin reinforcements :).

Also, the button has already been pressed for a whole bunch of new Resin Atlanticans!  In yellow RESIN!!!

New Omen (he’s huge!)

New Neptune mech suit

New Kamen!

New Heavy Tanks of all classes

New Barracudas!

Restock of Leviathan!!

All these are available for Preorder now!!

So much news for Bot War this blog…. 🙂  New batches of starter sets are ordered as are new batches of the Deceivers which are close to selling out!!  The Deceivers are amazing models and I cant wait to try out the new characters.  Especially Ravenous.

Early concept work has started for a Trashers update.  These will not be finished until next year so its really early news.  However they are looking amazing.  This will include some new characters and new rules.  Including a combiner!

Check out a sneak peak of Wrecker below 🙂

Finally, one of the things I am excited about is new packaging coming soon for Bot War.  Its still the foil packs which a few people raise eyebrows at :).  But its cooler foil packaging 🙂 haha.


In Rise of the Democracy news,  Wave 2 minis are now released and they are some very cool sculpts.  This weekend I will update the rules and cards to include up to wave 4 minis and a few first draft bug fixes.  The game is shaping up nicely and is available free on the webstore.

Broken Skies is out and now available on the webstore as a free download.  This is a great little hex based game that uses the Bot War aircraft models.  If you have Bot War aircraft and a dice set why dont you download it and print it out and have a game. 🙂

Anyway this has taken me way longer to write than it should 😀 so I will leave it there.  More updates coming soon.




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