Collection of Infesters articles written on the Facebook Bot War Group.

Below is a cut and paste of Infester articles written by me on the Facebook Bot War group. Enjoy –

With a little resurgence in Infesters popularity I thought I would spare a few minutes to write a little bit about them.
Spotlight On – Infesters!
Infesters are the remnants of damage Deceiver code. In Bot War all bots are immortal ( except perhaps Beastlords). This means that when their bodies are destroyed, their “code” escapes into the ether to await downloading into a new body.
Each time a Bot is destroyed though, little fragments of code are damaged or corrupted. In the case of the Valiants, this code is cleaned and repaired by the One each download. So corruptions are very rare. In the case of the Deceivers, this doesnt happen and corruption is almost assured over time.
So if Deceivers are destroyed too many times they will at some point lose themselves to the curse of the Infesterism and become a beastlike creature with no mind of its own. Driven only by its base urges. Deceivers fear this fate above all others and the decent into infesterism can be clearly seen in the outer visage of some of the older Deceivers.
As I mentioned in the Cast Dice podcast, I have been currently looking at ways to direct/corral Infesters into the playstyle I intended for them. The play style of the infesters was meant to be an unstoppable horde of creatures with an achilles heal built in. For me this would mean that a completely unique style of tactics would be required to defeat them compared to almost any other force.
This is where clones come in. Clones are unique to Infesters. Essentially they are the husks of old Infester bodies that still retain fragmented code of the original infester. This code is still in sync with the main code and can therefore be controlled by the stronger more complete code.
The play style for infesters was meant to be a wall of clones controlled by perhaps 3 original Infesters. The Clones are weak but have strength in numbers. Once the originals are destroyed, the clones pertaining to that original are also removed from the board.
Updating Infesters –
Soon the Infesters will get a card update. The update will include an overall points decrease on all except the Queen and perhaps Swarms. Also, all Clones will receive the Resurrection Special Rule. Which means that even if destroyed they will rise again at the board edge with a single damage point.
I think these small changes will really increase the fear for players facing the Infesters faction and they will certainly have to adjust their play style to account for this zombie like horde of cheap bots.

Spotlight On – The Queen
Once a dedicated and successful Deceiver General, she was tricked by Megatyrant into becoming an experiment for the halt of the Infester curse.
The torture endured during that experiment fragmented her consciousness into several pieces. Her code did go down the path of Infesterism, being warped and changed. But somehow her consciousness or at least one part of it maintained some level of high functioning cognitive ability.
This allowed the Queen to control the Infesters and utilise their abilities with some degree of planning and coordination so in that way the experiment was successful. However it was unsuccessful in that the Queen herself nor the Infesters will ever be under Deceiver control.
Taking the Queen in an Infesters force is a bit opposite to the way they would usually be played in my opinion. But its awesome to take this fearsome model out for a drive every now and then. A bit like not driving your v8 interceptor to work everyday, but when you take it out, it turns a lot of heads and makes an impact.
At 22 points the Queen is a decent investment in an 80point force. But she brings a lot to the party. At SR 2 and m8 she is really hard to deal with unless youre Gorg. High speed and air support the Queen can be munching up your models in close attack by the second turn. Scary! With 4 shields and 8 damage she isnt going away too quickly either.
Finding an Sr1 surge attack isnt that easy either as from memory there is only 1 x sr1 surge in the game. Later sr surge attacks will still work but only if the Queen is stacking cubes for shield boosts.
The Queens achilles heel is her hunger. To get the most out of her you really need to stack up the cubes for activations and lots of boosting. Fueled by hatred can sometimes come to the rescue here but its unpredictable. The Queen should be fuelled by others and in an Infesters force at 80 points this isnt easy.
Perhaps more so than any other force the Infesters need to manage their cubes very carefully or else they will starve. *starve is the term Aidan and I use to describe not having enough energy to activate your models.
The easiest way is to use clones or swarms to battery the extra cubes but these are hardly the best kind of batteries. Clones require a master and they are an all or nothing deal. Swarms are a valuable unit and it feels like a waste to battery them.
So there is the dilemma. The Queen is one of the hardest models in the game to have to deal with….IF she can get the energy needed to do her thing. 🙂
Image may contain: ‎text that says '‎THE QUEEN 22 SR 2 M 8 RA 3 4 CA SH 4 הידון 3 Air Support Combat Scimitar, Fuelled by Hatred Faction Uneasy Ally 1‎'‎