Bot War Turbo Edition F.A.Q

Welcome to the Bot War Turbo Edition F.A.Q. Here you will find rules clarifications for the game.

1. Q. Page 54 Magnetic Disruption Gun says you roll black dice for close range attacks. Should this be read as Short Range?
A. Correct

2 .Q. One of the most confusing aspects of bot war has definitely been around how moving into close combat works. The book seems to use Turn to refer to a collective resolution of every model’s Activation. For close attack, it says models can’t move into base to base with a model that they couldn’t see at the start of the turn. Is this intended to be played re: sight at the start of a particular model’s activation, or at the turn?
A. “Start of Turn” as listed under Close Attack on page 38 of the Turbo Rulebook should be “Start of the model’s first activation”.

3. Q. In the case of Host and the terrain rules, we know what happens to models that are being hosted/inside a building. But it isn’t explicit for tunneller and transport (but we assume the transported models die)?
A. Page 57 for Tunneller states the model is destroyed if it never arrives. Transported models are destroyed if the Transport is destroyed.

4. Q. A few things refer to “maximum range”?
A. Yes, on Page 36 of the Turbo Rulebook states that maximum range is 24″.

5. Q. How does Earthquake and Blast affect Combiners, Hosted models, Transported models, models using a Firepower Super Ability, Platoons and Squadrons?
A. Page 45 of the Turbo rules states that –
ALL damage against the combined model is randomised between the 5 individual models making up its parts using a D6.
Page 51 of Turbo rules states – Earthquake: a model with this rule can exchange their normal ranged attacks for 1 automatic damage point for every model within 6” friend or foe (except themselves). This damage cannot be shielded.
Page 50 of Turbo rules states – Blast: if a model with this rule damages a target all other models friend or foe within a 2” radius of the target takes 1 automatic point of damage. This additional damage cannot be shielded. All models including combined models and models using firepower super ability should be in the area of affect as individual models.
Combiners are individuals that activate as one. Individual Stat cards are still used and energy is still allocated to each card as normal with the core combiner getting any extras to pay for activations. The reason for this is to allow for easy cube and damage management in the event of a separation. The issue is that in area of affect damage that hit multiple models at once. Namely Earthquake and Blast.
I will address Blast first.
Blast in particular was developed as a hard counter to combiners specifically. The last sentence of the rule causes confusion because of the reference to “individual models”. In this context it refers to each individual model that makes up the combiner. Or a model and the model that has the Firepower super ability it may be carrying. Additionally, but not specifically mentioned, are Hosted and Transported models. In fact Blast is the only way to damage some of these “untouchable models” directly. It is a very powerful ability.
Likewise, Earthquake works like a wider Blast effect without the initial damage.
In regards to combiners the rules conflict from the phrase “ALL DAMAGE IS RANDOMISED”. With Blast and Earthquake this is essentially automatically done with every model in the area of effect taking a single damage point with no shields.
So here is an example – A bot fires a Ranged Attack with Blast at a combiner causing a single damage point and that damage is randomised to one of the combiner bots as stated on page 45 of the Turbo rulebook. Then Blast triggers an additional auto damage to every other combined individual bot that was not damaged in the initial hit.
So the initial Ranged Attack is resolved then the secondary effect of Blast is resolved.

Example details: 3 damage points are caused on Destroyer. Randomising the damage, Roller takes 1 damage and Dumptruck takes 2 damage. Then Blast triggers and ensures that Loader, Digger and Dozer all take one auto damage each.
Similarly to Blast, Earthquake simply misses the first initial regular attack damage part and moves straight to the secondary resolution so to speak.
Please note this is a consistent ruling for models carrying a Firepower Super Ability model, Transported models, and Hosted models. BUT NOT PLATOONS OR SQUADRONS as these are counted as a single model on a single stat card. These models do have Rank and File Special Rule which makes them more vulnerable to Blast anyway.

6. Q. Do models that are destroyed still add energy to the pool and further more, do models not on the table (in reserve for example) as energy to the pool.
A. Models destroyed no longer add energy to the pool in the power up phase. Models deploying or moving on to the table in subsequent turns do add their energy to the pool as normal.

7. Q. For units that have transport, can they only transport those specific formations or can they transport multiple smaller units?
Example- If the unit can Transport an infantry platoon, is it possible for it to carry a number of sections or squads instead and if so, what is the exchange rate?
A. On page 57 under Transport the Turbo rulebook states in reference to Infantry that a model that can Transport a Platoon, is capable of Transporting a single smaller Infantry class such as a Section or Squad. Only 1 model maximum may be Transported unless otherwise stated. If a Bot or Vehicle is being Transported then only that Bot or Vehicle can be Transported.

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