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Download the free stat cards for BOT WAR! here.

Once downloaded, print them, cut them out, then fold then over and place into a trading card clear slip.

October Limited Exclusive Model – Cadmia

Cadmia is fierce and determined and this often gets her into trouble. She regularly takes on tasks much greater than her ability and this has meant that she has required to be rescued on more than one occasion. Despite or perhaps because of this slight flaw in her personality, Cadmia has achieved more than any […]

BOT WAR! Character Cards – All

BOT WAR SECOND EDITION STAT CARDS NEW FORMAT Trashers cards updated 15/11/19 NEW FORMAT Atlanticans cards updated 1/10/19 NEW FORMAT Democracy cards updated 19/10/19 NEW FORMAT Deceiver cards updated 19/10/19 NEW FORMAT Infesters cards updated 07/09/19 NEW FORMAT Overlords updated 19/10/19 NEW FORMAT Snake Corp cards updated 29/06/19 NEW FORMAT Valiants cards updated 19/10/19 OLD […]

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