The Democracy

In the 3 years following the first Atlantican war the Democracy have come a long way.  Reinvigorated b y the vision and values that once made them an inspiration, the nation is rebuilding at an amazing speed.Their new military has been honed and hardened in the clash for their very existence that was the first Atlantican war . Having no Bots of their the Democracy remain suspicious of Bots despite the success of the Valiant alliance. The Deceiver, Snake Corp and Atlantican Bots have done much to damage Valiant/Democracy relations during the Bot War. The Democracy has managed to hold their own using age old guerrilla tactics re established during the first Atlantican war. Small elite teams of infantry backed up by powerful vehicles operating covertly,  sabotaging enemy infrastructure and removing key personnel. For more difficult missions they also h ave Special Branch, an elite unit of heroes led by billionaire son Max Starr. Using vehicles modified with Bot technology, Special Branch is more than a match for even the greatest Bot threat.

The Atlanticans

Atlantica is a secret city submerged deep in the Atlantic Ocean. It is not a human city but a city of Mer people. Atlantica is essentially a feudal society ruled by a royal class. At the top of this system is King Gills. King Gills is a technological genius having an understanding of technology bordering on the supernatural. Only two things rival King Gills’ intelligence – his ambition and insatiable lust for power.
Far beneath the ocean, King Gills’ and his mermen legions laboured to bring forth warmachines and armies with which to conqueror the surface or the earth. However combined Valiant and Democracy forces forced him back to the depths. Unable to match the versatility and brute force in close quarters of the allied forces King Gills’ bided his time. Then a meteor fell from space and landed right in the Atlantic. This meteor was a ship containing a sentient being much more technologically advanced than King Gills’ could even have imagined. It was like nothing on planet earth and King Gills’ moved quickly to study this creature and learn all he could. It wasn’t long before the Kings’ intellect fully understood all there was to know about this new technology. He rebuilt the sentient being, a bot called Omen, who in turned pledged service to the Kings’ conquest as repayment for his new life and body. The King then created from scratch a lieutenant, to support his warriors in battle. He named this new bot Stingray. In addition, by studying Omen, the King was able to create a new deadly weapon called the magnetic disruption gun.
Now with bots by his side and new technologically advanced weaponry King Gills is ready to challenge the surface once again……

The Valiants

Like all Bots, Valiants are immortal spiritual beings encased in a powerful metal body. This means that when they are destroyed, their code returns to the ether where it is cleansed and prepared by the One to be downloaded into a newly prepared body. This is not to say that Bots do not suffer pain or emotion because they certainly do.
The Valiants arrived on earth after a collision in space. Their ship broke into several parts with the largest section landing in the Democracy, just in time to save humanity. Of the remaining pieces, some also landed on different parts of the Earth. Some of the Bots occupying these smaller sections at the time of collision have managed to re-join the main group. However, many are still missing, and it is sure that not all these pieces have landed on Earth.
On Earth, Ducal still leads the Valiants although he is often referred to as General Duke. The Valiants have certainly embraced Earth culture, some more diligently than others. The alliance with the Democracy is under pressure due to undermining tactics from other Bot factions. However, General Duke remains committed to the cause. Ambassadors are still maintained by both factions and the Valiants have willingly shared what tech has been asked for by the Democracy Special Branch.


The Deceivers

The Deceivers were once Valiants. At some point in their history, a Valiant called Galaxy rebelled against the One.  For this outrage, Galaxy and his followers were eternally incarcerated in a torturous statis prison and sent away from the One’s presence.  This imprisonment changed the entities inside, twisting them into hideous forms which is reflected in their external visage.  Through some mysterious machinations their statis prison crashed on Earth and was discovered by the corrupted agents of the Democracy that were to eventually become Snake Corporation.

Experiments were performed on the prison, cracking its shell and allowing one of the evil entities inside to escape.  This eventually led to the nightmarish deaths of almost everyone in the research facility and the eventual release of the remaining evil trapped inside the prison.  These entities, devoid of bodies, went straight into the very atmosphere. There, their corrupted codes began to influence the very minds of the human population, robbing them of all hope.

As time progressed, the first freed Deceiver built a factory that started creating bodies according to the codes now coalescing within the ether.  The malevolent codes were then downloaded into the completed bodies, removing them from the ether and freeing the minds of humanity from their diabolical influences.

However the leader of the rebellion, Galaxy, could not be freed.  His imprisonment was more powerful than the others and his bonds remain unable to be broken by his Tyrants.  Galaxy remains within the dimensional statis prison deep in the bowels of the destroyed COILs lab.  From there, he communicates his will through his Tyrants who command his legions.

Desperate for freedom, Galaxy has his minions search tirelessly for a solution.  Should a solution be found, and Galaxy freed, the Earth will be thrust into a hellish world of slavery and death, ruled by the malevolent Galaxy and his Tyrants.


The Infesters

As the Bot War escalated, casualties started to build up on all sides.  Valiant casualties ascended into the embrace of the One where they were cleansed and prepared for download again into new bodies.  However, the Deceivers have been banished from the One’s presence so are unable to be refreshed in the same way.  This has led to the “Infester Curse”.  Over time, the continual code downloads cause increasingly damaging errors and corruption within the code. Though small at first, they become catastrophic over time and this changes the Bot significantly.  The bodies which are made from a specification within each individual code are slowly twisted and malformed in accordance with the corruption.  Not only are the bodies changed, but the personalities of each Bot also change.  Slowly they descend into a dribbling beast, only able to receive the simplest of commands, a slave to their most basic of instincts.  The full extent of this transformation is unknown.  However, many former Deceivers now fly in the Queens swarms.  The Queen herself is an anomaly to this curse.  Once a captain in Megatyrant’s forces, the Queen was forcibly chosen to undergo a horrible experiment. The goal was to find a way to control the growing Infester population and slow the curse.  Purposefully destroyed many times in many horrible different ways at Megatyrants own hand, the Queen suffered heavy psychological damage.  The result of this was a strange mutation to her code, simultaneously taking on the curse of Infesterism but also retaining some level of psychotic sentience.  Her newfound dark gifts allow her to control all the Infester codes and halt or progress their journey into oblivion.  This makes the Queen the undisputed head of the swarm, being able to direct her obedient minions at will.  


The Beastlords

During the early years of the Earth, supernatural entities rose to challenge and rule humanity.  Five primordial gods set themselves against the order of creation itself.  Beings that embodied the very elements themselves.  Rather than war against each other and risk destruction, these gods made a pact to divide the planet and its populations into 5 parts.  Soon into this hellish reign, the fifth god’s heart was softened, and he left his worshippers and disappeared.  The greedy remaining gods then started to argue over who would inherit the departed gods portion.  Cataclysmic battles between the gods raged and much of the Earth and its populations were destroyed.  One of the four gods was destroyed utterly in these battles.  A third chose to flee and hide, leaving the remaining two.  The remaining two gods were evenly matched.  They eventually decided on a truce and the Earth was split into two territories.  The names of these two gods are still well known.  Destroyer, god of earth and Leviathan, god of water.  These two gods inflicted much pain and suffering upon early humanity.  So much so that the cries of the enslaved reached into other realms.  These cries were answered by the One, who sent 100 powerful new creations called Beastlords to defend humanity and destroy the two remaining gods.  The Beastlords were successful in part, managing to destroy the gargantuan physical bodies of the primordial gods and banish them to the ether.  The cost was high, however, as all but 7 of the Beastlords were destroyed or considered missing in action.  Unlike other Bots, the Beastlords are mortal creatures.  Due to the robust construction of their bodies using unknown materials, they are extremely strong and long lived.  It is estimated that the Beastlords are over 5000 years old. Each of them that remain have chosen to live a solitary existence, emerging from hiding only when man’s plight seems most dire. It is these rare sightings by humanity that have given rise to the stories and legends of dragons.


The Overlords

The Overlords are an alien race from outer space.  They are compulsive and habitual gamblers and the passion for every Overlord are the arena games.  These games, that take place on their home planet, are gladiatorial battles fought by monsters bred and trained by the Overlords themselves.  The Overlords take the fiercest creatures and mutate them sometimes beyond what the host bodies can withstand.  These mutations are made possible by a naturally occurring “green ooze” on their home planet.  It is common for young and ambitious Overlords to venture into space seeking the most terrible creatures with which to mutate into future champions of the arena.  Every now and then an Overlord will find a relatively stable mutation and will breed these new creatures to serve as a personal army.  As much for prestige as for any real personal protection. Overlord Gorg has arrived on Earth to create his greatest masterpiece.  He has found that some of Earth’s most powerful aquatic creatures are perfect for maintaining stable mutations and several potential champions are already in the works.  Gorg delights in using the Bot War to hone the skills of his latest progeny and is sure that upon his return to his home planet he will be hailed as the greatest Overlord in history. 


The Trashers

Trashers are former Valiants that have committed a wrong or have been shamed in some way.  Their only option is to download the Trasher code and seek redemption through valor in arms.  The Trasher code is a mystery, even to Valiants, because once it’s downloaded the recipients are filled with a single-minded purpose.  Many do not speak, choosing instead to let their weapons do the talking.  A strange symptom of the Trashers code is that the close quarters fighting ability of the Bot is increased, while their ability to fire and maintain ranged weapons is diminished.  This is not to say that Trashers are poor versions of other Bots.  On the contrary, while the Trashers may seem rusted and ramshackle, they are perhaps some of the most resilient Bots on Earth.  It is not uncommon for a Trasher to take massive damage and still go on to defeat multiple foes with ease.  Their mystery and single mindedness often bring the Trashers into conflict with the Valiants or the Democracy, despite seemingly being on the same side.



Formally Snake Corp, C.O.I.L.S staged the largest corporate hostile take over in human history, absorbing the Snake Corp entity, breaking them up and syphoning its assets out to C.O.I.L.S subsidiaries. C.O.I.L.S is run by the evil Dr Mindtwist, it is the most technologically advanced company in the word but also the most corrupted. There are ongoing investigations into its shady business dealings in almost every country. No convictions have yet been recorded because no one can be found who will prosecute them.


The Red Star Nations

The Red Star Nations did not suffer as much as the Democracy during the First Atlantican War.  However, their recovery has been slower because they have not had the same access to Bot technology that the Democracy has had.  Over the last few years, the Red Star Nations have been in constant skirmish battles with the Baronial Terrorist States and this has made the Red Star Nation’s people cold and hard.  When Overlord Gorg arrived on Earth he chose the Red Star Nation Capital for his primary mutation lab, as the cold climate and large open spaces made the site ideal.  This led to massive city-wide conflicts as the second largest human military on Earth tried desperately to repel roaming bands of mutated Shark Warriors from their cities.  The Red Star Nations put up an honourable fight, so much so that Gorg imprisoned many of its peoples for warm up fights in the arena back on his home planet.  Things changed for the nation when a vat of “Green Ooze” was discovered by the Red Star special forces team.  Red Star scientists immediately started experiments on the ooze and discovered its mutating properties were particularly suited for combining metal with organic flesh.  Thus, the Red Star Cybernetic legions were born.  This arm of the Red Star military combined the power and strength of metal with the ingenuity of humanity.  While the Red Star cyborgs successfully blunted the Shark Warrior attacks, it was the creation of the Dinoborgs that changed the tide of the battle.  Tapping into ancient DNA, Red Star scientists have managed to create an elite team of super gigantic creatures bristling with cybernetic enhancements. These fierce creatures could match the ferocity of the Shark Warriors and with the combined might of the Red Star military and cybernetic legions, the Shark Warriors were turned back.  Now Gorg jealously covets the Dinoborgs and desperately wants these creatures for his arena games. 


Blackwheel was and has always been for Blackwheel only, and has vowed to take all he could from all he could. As evil begets evil, eventually other disenfranchised Bots joined to Blackwheel to form small war parties of Bot raiders.
As more and more Bots joined the warband Blackwheel’s stature grew in accordance with the tyrant protocols. Within the populated areas of the Democracy, Blackwheel set up his crime syndicate. Extorting payment in energy and slaves from any who would cross him. Blackwheel’s main rival is COILS, and there have been several run ins with COILS agents where the interests of both syndicates cross over. As it is, Blackwheel’s influence is considered just a miniscule irritant in COILS operations but an irritant best dealt with early should it become an infection that spreads. Blackwheel controls the criminal underworld of the northern states with an iron fist. And commands a host of powerful scum and villainy from Bots right through to humans.

White Knights Protectorate

The White Knights Protectorate is the name given to an elite Valiant force tasked with protecting the Earth during the Bot War. Led by Swordana the gate master, the White Knights are a finely tuned strike force made up of a mix of newly arrived Valiants from the spirit gate and existing Valiants that have become jaded in their primary mission.

The Darkstones

Darkstone is a particularly powerful “dark Beastlord”. Infused with the very same power that his lord Destroyer calls upon, Darkstone summons forth minions from the very earth. Golems of granite and obsidian act as Darkstone’s enforcers, creating a blight for miles around any dwelling Darkstone crawls into.
Darkstone hates all Beastlords and the free peoples they protect. His pride drives his ideology and that sense of superiority fosters a disdainful and murderous intent for every being not in subjugation to his will.

Electrotyrants Drone Army

Electrotyrant has convinced the Sins that the rebuilding of his Drone army can only hasten and widen the search for the Key, and so the production of Drones has begun anew. It is doubtful the Sins trust Electrotyrant at his word and it is fully expected there will be a double cross or two down the line.
Electrotyrant knows he plays a dangerous game setting himself up as a power that could potentially rival Narcitron and his Sins. However, he is confident that if he can get his upgraded Drones to sufficient numbers, he can overthrow the Sins, crush Megatyrant and bring all the Decievers under his own banner.