Full stat cards for Mercenaries will be found in Galactic Transmission Issue 4 January 2022

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To learn the origins of the mercenaries we must go back to the very beginning of the Bot War and the rise of the Deceivers as a major threat in the war. After the horror of the COILS facility in which only Candy escaped alive, the Deceiver Malicon built the factory and released all the imprisoned Deceivers into the aether. Unfortunately this was not Malicon’s plan and more of an accident. What he truly wanted was to select specific Deceivers who he alone could control. As the factory hummed to life Malicon found that there was a disturbance in the aether. Deceiver codes strove against each other to be downloaded. Amongst the first downloaded was Megatyrant Herald of Wrath. As Megatyrant stepped off the assembly line his insatiable ambition was rekindled. Unable to choose which Deceivers would be reborn and when, Megatyrant proceeded to destroy Deceivers while they were still on the assembly line in order to fast track the process to download his most loyal followers. Being a lowly warrior, Malicon had to bow to Megatyrant’s actions, but secretly Malicon started building another facility with which to allow Narcitron and the Sins to be assembled. Over time Megatyrant had downloaded and assembled a loyal army of Deceivers. One of these Deceivers was called Electroshock. Unbeknownst to Megatyrant, Electroshock had ambitions of his own and was horrified at Megatyrant’s treatment of Silaconia and her subsequent metamorphosis into the Infester Queen. As Malicon still worked on the secret factory, Electroshock turned on Megatyrant. Declaring himself Electrotyrant and rallying several Deceivers to his side.
The subsequent Deceiver Tyrant War was brutal but swift. Electrotyrant and his minions were driven from Earth completely and Megatyrant’s forces were heavily depleted. It was during this time that ambitious Deceivers, jaded with Deceiver leadership, started to look to their own ambitions. The Tyrant War splintered the Deceivers into three main groups under the command of a powerful Deceiver. Megatyrant retained overall leadership, Electrotyrant gathered his strength on Earth’s moon and Destructor managed the southern realms. However, not all Deceivers joined with these 3 groups and several much smaller groups of just a few individuals struck out alone. It wasn’t until Malicon’s factory completed and Narcitron was remade that the Deceivers were brought back into line again. Narcitron “convinced” Megatyrant, Destructor and Electrotyrant to submit to Galaxy’s dominion. But the smaller groups have yet to follow suit, preferring instead their own ways. Needlessly to say, eventually they will be brought into line, but for now they are Bots of fortune. Spreading their evil ways wherever and however they see fit. Many have now formed warbands made up on other jaded and ambitious Bots from C.O.I.L.S and even Atlantica. Even Valiants, who have suffered code errors, have joined these mercenary warbands at times.