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Years before the Bots arrived, many global empires had come and gone. The final empire before the Bots came was the Democracy. So called because of the system of government favoured within its realm. Once a young and proud nation it was the envy of all other nations of the earth. However like all human empires over time it became corrupt and decadent. Evil people had twisted and warped its proud traditions. Originally these evil people simply craved money and power but as evil begets more evil this warped into things much more insidious.
Things became critical when King Gills rose from the depths at the head of a mighty army of mermen. Taken completely by surprise and facing a force that was unable to be bought or bribed those ruling the Democracy struggled to maintain power. The citizens started to take matters into their own hands and formed citizen militias dedicated to the destruction of King Gills and of those ruling the Democracy. It was seemingly by chance that the Valiants first made contact with the human militias. Alliances were made and the Valiants and the militias pushed back King Gills’ forces, uniting more of the country with each advance. Government forces even joined militia forces under militia command. Within the year King Gills was defeated and fled back to the depths.
Amidst the chaos that followed the Democracy people cried out for justice against leaders that preferred to fill their pockets rather than protect their citizens. Good men rose up to lead the people and with this handful of good leaders the evil elite were put on trial and found guilty. The penalty – death.
Of those evil leaders that fled the purge only a few survived. Those that were prepared fled to tin pot nations with mercenary armies and quickly overcame the populations there. Already rich beyond belief and equipped with ill-gotten Bot technology the remnants formed The Snake Corporation. This corporation brought forth a private army the likes of which have never been seen before. Rivalling the combined might of even the recovering Democracy itself.
Armed with the greatest scientists and perhaps the most advanced weaponry on earth, Snake Corp has begun building their own Bot army. While evil beyond reckoning some say that Snake Corp may be the only hope at freeing earth from Bots once and for all. However those, especially in the Democracy say that a tyrant, no matter how familiar, is still a tyrant and that a Bot free world is not a substitute for real freedom.


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