Bot War Buddy Bundle


The Buddy Bundle is limited to January 2020 only. This bundle comes with two factions and 2 sets of rules so 2 people can share the purchase and split the set into two with each having 2 even 60 point forces to assemble, paint and game with. The stat cards will be available as a free download on the Game & Info section of this website in January.

Note: Orders are not shipped until all parts of the order are available

This set comes with –
Deceivers –
1 x Electrotyrant
1 x Silenia (exclusive to this set)
1 x Syphene
3 x Mirror Warriors (Scope, Focus, Vision)
Trashers –
1 x Beatup
1 x Crusher
1 x Dicer
1 x Crasher
1 x Dustup
1 x Ruckus

2 x A5 Bot War 2nd Edition Rulebooks
2 x Bot War Tape Measures
2 x Bot War Dice Sets

For a limited time – Free Deceiver Dark Angel with this set!

These models are metal multipart kits.  Superglue required for assembly (not included)

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