C.O.I.L.S Mindtwisting Megabox Army Deal – LIMITED PREORDER DEAL! – GOES LIVE 1 OCTOBER

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PREORDER LIMITED DEAL – C.O.I.L.S MINDTWISTING MEGABOX!  Goes Live 1 October!!  Expected Ship Date – Late December/Early January

This megabox deal is limited to only 40 boxes and will last between 1st and 8th of October Australian Eastern Standard Time.  This is a highly anticipated release with exclusive rewards so don’t miss out.

Contents –

Messenger (Crimson Resin)

Blades  (Crimson Resin)

Darkstate  (Crimson Resin)

Ghost  (Crimson Resin)

ABM  (Crimson Resin)

3 x ABT’s  (Crimson Resin)

3 x Drone Choppers  (Crimson Resin)

3 x Gun Turrets  (Crimson Resin)

Vyper Assault Vehicle  (Crimson Resin)

Attack Chopper  (Crimson Resin)

Nightbird  (Crimson Resin)

Attack Jet  (Crimson Resin)

Heavy Chopper (Crimson Resin)

Fortress of Pain  (Crimson Resin)

Conspiracy – City Killer – 140mm tall!! (Crimson Resin)

5 x COILS Limited Edition Critical Dice

Ghost Promo Version – Limited Edition  (Crimson Resin)

COILS hard copy stat cards (Excluding Turbo Edition Starter Set COILS stat cards)

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