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The Deceivers are evil entities set within powerful metal bodies.  They serve a malevolent and powerful being called Galaxy.  Galaxy is currently trapped within a prison created for him by the Valiants and the Deceivers search relentlessly for the key to his freedom.

By reaching this pledge goal the following resin Deceivers will be produced and shipped –

Narcitron, Malicon, Avaricon, Kroar, Siren, Ravenous, Communicator, Crazy, Faultline, Symphony (exclusive to the Deceiver army deal), Decibel (exclusive to the Deceiver army deal)

The stat cards for these models can be downloaded free from the Game & Info page of this website.


Leader of the Deceiver subgroup called the seven sins, Narcitron is Galaxy Tyrants main general on Earth. Strong and powerful he is often nicknamed the arm of death with Galaxy Tyrant being the Herald of Death.

Narcitron rules the Decievers in Galaxy Tyrants absence through fear and fear alone. He is a confident and capable ruler but victory often alludes him because of his overconfidence and underestimation of his opponents. Indeed Narcitron has zero respect for anyone except Himself and Galaxy Tyrant (in that order)

Despite these obvious flaws in his character Narcitron is perhaps the most deadly Deceiver on Earth and fully capable of cleaving large Bots in two.


Malicon is steeped in a sea of bitterness. Once a proud Air Warrior, Malicon feels the onset of the curse of Infesterism. He is dedicated to self preservation, even if that means that all his fellow Deceivers are destroyed so that he may live.

Malicon is a master politician amongst his fellow Deceivers and has managed to manoeuvre into the position of chief advisor to Narcitron. In truth, this was not that hard for Malicon to achieve as Narcitron is particularly susceptible to Malicons honeyed words.

While he prefers to be away from danger if possible, he also must keep up appearances that he is a capable warrior. The fact is that Malicon is indeed a capable warrior just perhaps a cowardly one. He has zero respect for any rules of war. Enemies are much more likely to be shot in the back by Malicon than by seeing him as a face to face target.


It is said Avaricon has a malfunction in his receptors in that he never has enough of anything. Whether it be energy, position, destruction, strength or speed. Excess is the primary goal for Avaricon. This constant covetousness brings him into conflict with fellow deceivers often as he is constantly scheming against them. However in battle this can manifest itself into a battle lust that shows a total disregard for self preservation and this is why the other Deceivers keep him around.


There is no Bot like Kroar!!! Kroar is supreme. Kroar stood beside Lord Galaxy as he advanced upon the throne of the One. Kroar was the last to kneel after the defeat at the hands of the One’s chosen, Ducal.

Now after years in statis prison, Kroar lives again and will visit his revenge on the weakened Ducal!!


After the battle of death valley Siren was utterly destroyed by the combined firepower of a defiance surge tank and Brad Hasselhofs Nighthawk. Her code fled to the ether where it was connected to the Deceiver factory. The factory read Sirens start up code and from that, started to build Sirens new body.  When Sirens full code was awakened she was a very different Bot than she was previously. As her name suggests Siren had always had an allure, her signature move was to lure enemies into an ambush with a distress call.  Now Siren is even more alluring. Her robotic body even moves in a disturbingly sensual but sickening way. Her new signature weapon, the electro whip, replaces her old body’s pugilistic attachments.  Siren still remains a very dangerous Deceiver, even more so in her updated visage.


Twisted and evil, Ravenous possesses the ability to break down matter of any kind into energy. This often creates a surplus of energy however Ravenous wouldn’t dream of sharing any of this with his fellow Deceivers. He often delights at seeing the look on his fellow Deceivers visage as he scoffs surplus energy in front of them while remarking how full he is. Obviously this fuels much resentment amongst the other Deceivers however as most hate each other then its hard to notice if Ravenous is hated more than anyone else. When the Deceivers attack a city often Ravenous is the last to leave and can be found gorging himself on the tastiest morsels left over from the destruction. Munching down on oil or fuel tankers are his favourite.  Because of his tendency to be the last at a battle Ravenous is now in his third body and starting to show signs of code fatigue. This body has been built to include a huge gaping maw in order to fit more and more matter into his energy converters. Its mind warping to think what Ravenous may look like should he reach his tenth incarnation, but whatever that is, it is sure that the Queen will be pleased.


Ambitious and scheming, Communicator embodies all traits that define Deceivers. He was alongside Galaxy Tyrant during the rebellion and was imprisoned like all Deceivers. However within the prison his allegiances changed and he now follows Megatyrant. The reason for this realignment is unknown to all but Communicator himself. Communicator forms part of Megatyrants elite forward shock troops. He has the valuable ability to host smaller Deceivers and deliver those reinforcements to areas of the battlefield that need them most. In addition Communicator possesses powerful disruption abilities and can temporarily tap into the code of enemy Bots close by before their anti virus abilities kicks in.


Devious and cruel, Faultline‘s diminutive size does not disadvantage him too much in battle as much larger foes are brought done simply by a multiple symbiote “pile on” and “drill”.


Crazy is a highly charged symbiote able to output a super high voltage for a very short time. Fortunately this is too high a voltage to effectively power other Deceivers, but it certainly packs a whallop for enemy Bots. A bit like touching an electric eel!

Symphony (Exclusive)

Decibel (Exclusive)

Symphony and Decibel are malicious little Bots. Symphony creates a cacophony of noise that can upset circuits and hearing alike, while Decibel reverberates a tone that can crush metal. Together these two Bots can be heard hundreds of miles away. Some would say at this distance their “tunes” can be quite pleasant to some types of Democracy citizens. Unfortunately though even at these low levels the allure of this can quickly overcome the brain and the slow decent into madness is perhaps a worse fate than having your head burst from the inside.

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