Traders Galaxy is a small boutique games and miniatures company making tabletop wargames. Based in regional Australia, the company was started in 2017 as a part time hobby with just $5 and a dream to make miniatures. With that $5 I purchased a second hand washing machine and used some instructions off the internet to make my first spin casting machine. I then commissioned a sculptor to make my first miniatures under the Traders Galaxy label, the Space Chimps. Through much hair pulling and tears 🙂 I then made my first website in order to have a platform to sell my first Space Chimp casts. Since that time, every penny has been poured into building Traders Galaxy :). In 2018, Bot War was launched as a downloadable set of rules and a set of multipart robot miniatures. This game was in a “10mm human size” scale with giant bots and monsters. It was quickly realised that this was a really great game and that a full starter set was necessary to grow the game further. So in July 2019 the second edition Bot War Starter Set was launched with great success. Bot War continues to grow with over 100 models now available for the game and stockists in the US, the UK, and Sweden. With Bot War becoming established, I have begun revisiting both the Traders Galaxy line of 28mm and the Space Chimps as well as a new 28mm game set in the Bot War Universe called Rise of the Democracy. Traders Galaxy is a one man part time company for the most part. I still work a day job as well and I acknowledge that none of this could be achieved without a very supportive wife and kids :)! I hope you like my range of miniatures and games!!

Happy Gaming

– Anthony