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When the earth was alone in the universe the Democracy was the greatest empire humanity had seen. It was an empire ruled by deception and ruthlessness. The ever present threat of nation ending weaponry kept the rest of the world under its yoke. Within that democratic empire good men sat alongside evil men in a constant power struggle for control.
In its early days the Democracy was not always corrupt and deceptive. Once it had been like a friendly big brother to the world. Every nation wanted to be like the Democracy and truth and prosperity sprang up where ever the Democracy ventured.

At the height of its corruption and power the Democracy was attacked. An act not thought possible. However it wasn’t any surface nation that dared an attack…..

From the depths King Gills arose to conquer the surface. An invasion of epic proportions. Taken by surprise by superior more technologically advanced forces the Democracy was on the brink of utter defeat. Then the Bots came..

An alliance with one faction of Bots was formed and King Gills and his forces were eventually forced back into the sea. After winning the first Atlantican war many in the Democracy called for revolution…..

As a single angry mob the people turned on their corrupt rulers, blaming them for the wars and the subsequent food shortages. The people demanded justice and many of the evil elite were forced to flee or were killed by the mobs.
Unable to match the power or the technology of the enemy armies now fighting for the earth, the Democracy learned to excel at guerrilla warfare. Small teams of highly trained individuals struck from the shadows with crude but very effective weaponry then disappeared as quickly as they appeared leaving a battleground of smouldering wreckage where the enemy had once been. With these teams and an alliance with Valiant Bots, King Gills was pushed back into the ocean from whence he came and the Deceivers held in check.
Now with good men in power and King Gills seemingly defeated, the Democracy has managed to reclaim some of its former glory.