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The Trashers were Valiants that once committed a grievous wrong. Unlike Deceivers, this wrong is redeemable through deeds of great valour. Each Trasher is on a path of penance for whatever wrong doing they committed. Unfortunately, there is a strict code around what deeds constitute redemption. It is theorised that the deeds are directly downloaded to the Trasher by the One who remains linked in some way to the Trashers. This secrecy and the total lack of any diplomacy on the part of the Trashers often brings them into conflict with Valiants and the Democracy. Trashers favour close quarters fighting and have few powerful weapons. Even if they did have any powerful blasters they wouldn’t maintain them despite being extremely gifted in repairing Bots. It is not uncommon for a Trasher to lose an arm or even his head and walk over pick it up and start welding it back on. Some Trashers are difficult to work out how many parts they are made from and in fact may be made from the parts of several vanquished Bots