Bot War Card City/Airport Terrain Set!

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This is a Crowdfund product for Bot War.  Should the item not be funded then all sales of this product will be refunded.

This is the third crowdfund for Bot War through this webstore.  The Deceivers and the Valiant previous crowdfunds have both been successful.

I appreciate your support to get this great product happening.  As usual for these crowdfunds it is highly recommended to select this product as a single item in your cart then select the defer shipping option.  This way if the product funds you may elect to then pay shipping or add your order to a free shipping second order.



The Bot War Card City/Airport is a versatile terrain set up for Bot War games.  This terrain has been designed to fit with the Bot War universe and will boost the fun experience of your Bot War games.  This set may be used as 2 separate 3ft x 3ft set ups or as a single 6ft x 3ft set up for larger games.

Alternatively, the set makes an excellent backdrop for displaying your Bot War models! 🙂

The City –

The City part of this set comes with 12 large city buildings and 9 floor tiles for dense terrain gaming.

The Airport –

The Airport part of this set comes with 8 Airport style buildings (4 hangars, 1 storage shed, 1 control tower and 2 passenger buildings) for games using less terrain.

This set requires glue to assemble (recommend super glue) and must be folded along pre folded sections.  It is recommended that all folds be glued (although not required).

** Miniatures, dice and tapemeasure for display purposes only.

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