Broken Skies Game


As the Bot War rages, an old threat re-emerges. Atlantica, once thought to be banished beneath the sea returns with a renewed assault on humanity. Fast moving Barracuda and Manta aircraft scream through the skies as the brave Democracy pilots scramble to meet the fierce attack. Take command of the beleaguered Democracy heroes or side with the Atlantican assault in this 2 player aerial dogfight game.

Contents –
Game Board
4 Plastic Democracy Aircraft (Conqueror Jet, Strikeforce Jet, Freedom Eagle 2, Airblade) with flight stands
5 Plastic Atlantican Aircraft (3 x BarracudaI’s, 1 x Barracuda 2, 1 x Manta Heavy Fighter Bomber with flight stands
5 Attack dice
5 Shield dice
5 Critical dice
10 Evasive manoeuvres counters
30 stat cards for ALL of Democracy and Atlantica


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