Max Starr’s Special Branch Heroes


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This set includes stat cards

This set consists of 13 High Quality Resin Miniatures

Characters included in this set are –

Freedom Eagle 2







Big Bear



Freedom Eagle 1



Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled.  Supplied with black plastic bases and flight stands where required.

Freedom Eagle 2

Max Starr found Freedom Eagle 2 in a secret laboratory deep underneath his father’s mansion.  Freedom Eagle 2 is an enduring testimony to William Starr’s genius.  A fitting legacy for a defender of freedom.

Big Bear is a Bot Tech injected monster truck that converts to a go anywhere light tank. Armoured with duel auto loading 20mm front mounted cannons as its primary armament, Big Bear also carries a heavy bombard Bot artillery piece and a satellite direct communications link.

This technology accurately coordinates bombard shell trajectory to 0.0001 of a millimetre.
Candy and Big Bear are a formidable force dor the Democracy’s enemies to deal with no matter who they are.

Armadillo is a high tech GMC Vantura Van. Using Bot technology the van can change into a mobile multiple rocket launching command post. Once its launched its rockets it can quickly change back into a van and be back in time for happy hour at the bar.

Convoy is a fully mobile land and air battleship. Able to change from truck and trailer into a full flight armoured battleship, Convoy is the ultimate heavy weapon for Special Branch. The rig is also able to transport Nighthawk, Freedom Eagle or Airblade directly into combat, launching them into the fight from its trailer. Convoy is bristling with high tech weaponry sporting 2 front mounted cannons, to major top mounted gatling cannons and 4 sponson mounted gatling guns.

Phoenix is a suped up 1979 trans am firebird infused with high tech Bot Technology. Phoenix can deliver a rack of radar guided ground to ground or ground to air missiles at high speed, deploying and delivering its deadly payload within seconds.  Rockford and Phoenix have a synergy not found in some of the other Special Branch members. This is because Phoenix is actually Rockfords rebuilt firebird and the car and Rockford share an aggressive don’t $&@“ with me vibe.

Delorean is a veritable science lab on wheels.  Unlike most vehicles in Special Branch the vehicle was not made by Max Starr.  Instead the machine is a regular vehicle packed with anti-bot devices and tricks that only a deranged physicist and his female lab assistant could have thought of.

Airblade is a suped up 1984 Lamborghini Contach with Bot Technology running through its veins. Able to change from angry street car into supersonic jump jet at the flick of a button. Armed with twin gatling guns and two air to air sidewinder missiles, Airblade is Democracy style and punch wrapped up in a single beautiful machine.

Deepdive is a 1984 Ferrari Testarossa injected with high tech Bot tech making it completely “all terrain”. At the push of a button the car is pressurised and converted into an armoured submarine. This enhancement boasts anti bot torpedoes (equiped for underwater and ground to ground capabilities). The 12 cylinder Bot tech enhanced engine pushes Deepdive to a top underwater speed of 65km per hour with the computer controlled fin system giving unparalleled handling underwater. Deepdive is so advanced some puritans within Special Branch suspect banned Atlantican technology has been used in its development.

Freedom Eagle is Max Starr’s primary vehicle and its made from good ol Democracy muscle.  Infused with Bot technology Freedom Eagle 1 was Max’s first successful prototype of the new technology.

Cyclone is a blast from a Democracy past.  As a fan of Democracy muscle cars, Max’s second “Special” had to be an icon.  Equipped with heavy anti bot technology stolen from Coils labs, the Cyclone can shred Bot armour like its made of tinfoil.

Buffalo is a big rig equipped with heavy cannons and an emp missile launcher.  The rig is king of the road in the Democracy desert highways and many an Atlantican armoured column has fallen victim to the Buffalo!

Nighthawk is a custom hover car gifted the Brad, it’s pilot, by late billionaire William Starr.  The car itself is one of a kind in that it possesses some level of Bot sentience and has formed a strong bond with Brad.  Nighthawk often pilots itself when missions are deemed too dangerous for Brad.

Some Democracy generals speculate that The Interceptor is some sort of stolen prototype from William Starrs lab. Others say that the Atlanticans have never destroyed the truck and simply say they did for propaganda purposes.  Whatever the truth, “The Interceptor” remains a well known urban legend to every person in the Democracy and the mysterious road warrior has been declared a national hero.  So much so that Max Starr even has a place set aside in Special Branch for the road warrior should they ever wish to take up the mantle.  Until that time, the quieter highways of the Democracy will remain a dangerous place for its enemies.

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