Monthly Archives: August 2021

New Boxed Game Coming! Broken Skies – Aerial Dogfights in the Bot War Universe!!

Broken Skies is a high speed aerial combat game set in the Bot War universe. Jets, Helicopters and even Bots battle it out in the broken skies over the Democracy. Like all Traders Galaxy games, Broken Skies plunges players straight into the action. The game is played on a 50cm x 50cm hex based game […]

C.O.I.L.S Consolidated Ordinance & Industrial Logistics Systems

COILS is possibly the greatest threat to the Earth and everything on it. Humanity with no limits to their ambition, greed or power. They care not how much of the Earth burns, as long as it was they that ordered the burning. The COILS faction have been revamped almost entirely and will be going to […]