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Tamarin/Space Chimp Fan Rules!

Click the link below for the first early draft rules for using Space Chimps in your own games!  These are not fully tested yet however we hope you have some fun giving them ago and please let us know what you think or give some suggestions for improvement our Traders Galaxy facebook page!!   Draft rules for using Tamarin in your own games    


New pack review and update

We hope you had a very happy New Year!  We are excited what 2018 may bring. First up we are slowly releasing our second wave of Tamarin/Space Chimp stuff.  This includes our space chimp patriarch which unfortunately has been delayed by slow shipment of bases of all things. The Tamarin second wave includes the following – Tamarin Patriarch with bodyguard Tamarin Patriarch on wardisc Tamarin autonomous weapon platform Tamarin Specialist and Moon Monkeys Also early next year we have the long delayed release of Space Cop [...]


Space Chimp Patriarch!

We finally managed to get our first Tamarin Patriarch painted up and ready for battle and we hope you like it.  He is a big guy.  Stretched out he would be taller than an ogre (and twice as dangerous) The Patriach represents our second wave of Space Chimp releases.  Keep on the look out for the tiny Moon Monkeys, Retinue Guard and the Tamarin Wardisc.


Space Chimp Army Progress

We are continuing to build on the store Space Chimp army and we now have the first units completed. In addition work continues on the rules to field these in some of your most popular games. We even have some short story episodes doing the rounds on Facebook that help to flesh out the Space Chimps (real name Tamarin) as a viable race. We are also very excited for Moon Monkeys and Elders. These 2 new units will offer some great [...]


Space Chimp Army Progress!

First squad down (except basing). Also managed to complete a plasma blaster scientist! With the first out of the way we are moving straight on to the heavy weapons squad.  Its likely we will add two of these squads because who doesn’t like heavies?  Plus the space chimps with ion cannons also have the exosuit which enhances strength making them the strongest of the chimps except for the Patriarch (who could rip you in two as easy as a wet paper [...]


Space Chimp Army

We a going Space Chimp crazy here at Traders Galaxy so have decided to do a whole army of them for one of our favourite games. What better way to do it than by doing a work in progress blog! We will be using some existing rules and subbing in our Space Chimps as counts as models. Because we are crazy, anyone who makes a purchase in the webstore and mentions this blog will receive a free random Space Chimp! To [...]


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