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Beta Stat Card Testing for Bot War

Here you will find work in progress development on various new factions and sub-factions for Bot War miniature game. If you would like to be a part of this discussion please join the official Bot War Facebook group here - This stat cards are available for download for personal use only. They are not [...]

November is Bot War Mercenary Month

Starting from the 1st of November 2021, purchases on the Traders Galaxy webstore will receive bonus mercenary miniatures added free when your order is packed. Receive an exclusive mercenary miniature for every full $100usd spent in the Traders Galaxy webstore! * $100usd = Deceiver Mercenary “Splashdamage” $200usd = Deceiver Mercenary “Redoubt” $300usd = Deceiver Mercenaries [...]

New Boxed Game Coming! Broken Skies – Aerial Dogfights in the Bot War Universe!!

Broken Skies is a high speed aerial combat game set in the Bot War universe. Jets, Helicopters and even Bots battle it out in the broken skies over the Democracy. Like all Traders Galaxy games, Broken Skies plunges players straight into the action. The game is played on a 50cm x 50cm hex based game […]