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Collection of Infesters articles written on the Facebook Bot War Group.

Below is a cut and paste of Infester articles written by me on the Facebook Bot War group. Enjoy – With a little resurgence in Infesters popularity I thought I would spare a few minutes to write a little bit about them. Spotlight On – Infesters! Infesters are the remnants of damage Deceiver code. In […]

Ordering from Traders Galaxy is easier than you think!

Did you know that if you spend $160usd or more you receive FREE international shipping?? BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! Ordering in August 2020 will also receive this exclusive Bot War miniature – Blockade! Blockade is a Deceiver mercenary that can be used by several different factions.

Bot War Story – Instrument of Destruction By Steven Remington

Smoke. Fire. Frantic yelling. Explosions. This is what Digger lived for. He was always looking forward to the next battle, even now with his life running low, near death, he couldn’t wait for the final blow to be struck. Unlike every other Deceiver, minus his fellow Builders, he didn’t have to worry about the inevitable […]