Blog Post – July

What an amazing year so far for Traders Galaxy and especially Bot War.  I am overwhelmed by the continued support from my awesome customers.  And the year is only half way done!  The second half of the year is going to be incredible.  Just look what is landing this year.  New Builders and Destroyer! New Turbo Starter Set!! New COILS faction!  New Starter Faction Boxes!  I mean Bot War is just hit the third stage boost rocket and is ready to breach the atmosphere.

The year has of course been one of ups and downs (thankfully more ups than downs 🙂 ) but its also been a year about processes and ensuring I can have more time to work on the creative side of things I enjoy most.  Right now I am working on the production version of Broken Skies.  The game, the brain child of Aidan Spittles, is coming along really great.  We have added a lot to it since the basic draft became available as a free download.  Objectives, Ground Defences and even crazy terrain features!  Broken Skies will be an awesome hybrid strategy/board/miniature game set in the broken skies over the beleaguered Democracy. Ideally, I would like to have a Starter Set out for this in November.

Traders Galaxy Miniatures have been waiting patiently in the queue with so much stuff in the pipeline.  The new Centauri – sci fi feudal knights with lances,  Space Chimps with plasma guns, Heavy Ion Cannons, Space Chimp Patriarchs and Mimiques are all awaiting return.  Lamiar have also had some redesign and these magic fuelled sci fi creatures are waiting in line for their day.  

The first issue of Galactic Transmission, the digital bi monthly Traders Galaxy magazine, has launched and has been a great success.  GT will connect those without social media to the wide Traders Galaxy community but will also feature a lot of community content as well as exclusive game and background content for all of Traders Galaxy’s games.  I am really excited for GT issue 2 which is already being worked on!