Brief article on Broken Skies

As the preorder release day for Broken Skies approaches, I thought I would write a brief article about the game.
Broken Skies was primarily written by Aidan Spittles. Indeed Aidan developed the all important hex based movement system of the game. The turn sequence and combat system remains similar to Bot War in the SR and the Bot War dice are used.
But in those two things the similarities end and Broken Skies plays very differently to Bot War.
Aidan may correct me but it certainly feels like Aidans love of board games can be seen in the development of Broken Skies. Dont get me wrong, the game is a skirmish wargame though.
Model types
In Broken Skies there are 4 types of model types. Well 3 types and an extra ๐Ÿ™‚ , ill explain in a minute.
The main types of models are Jets, Helicopters and Bots. The fourth type arent really models as such. Instead they are ground defences which are represented by hex tiles. The reason they are hex tiles so that the aircraft can easily fly over them.
Each model type behaves uniquely based on rules for its model type. For example Jets are fast and harder to hit, but less adaptable. Where are Bots are slow but devastating at close range.
I should mention that changing forms is a standard thing in Broken Skies. And not just changing between Jets and Bots. Some models like Sloane Paulsons Airblade and change between a jet or helicopter.
Obviously being able to get the benefits of 2 models types is quite powerful and this must be paid for in some way.
Ground defences
I thought I would discuss a little more on this element of the game. Ground defences are intended to be a supplemental part of the game and over time more missions will be released via Galactic Transmission on ground defences. Whenever i think of these though I think of retro video games like choplifter or desert strike. And ground defences do work quite similarly to those games actually. Certainly solo missions could be a thing in the future for Broken Skies.
Evasion counters
For those familiar with Bot War these work similarly to energy cubes but with a huge difference. They are earnt not given. Counters are earnt by playing conservatively the turn before. For me this gives the feeling that your troops are preparing for a big push and creates small bits of tension throughout the game. For example, Stingray in his Barracuda form moves his minimum 4 hexes and gets to bank 2 counters. Next turn he changes into Bot form soending a banked evasion counter.
In my opinion the movement system in Broken Skies is where the game is won or lost. Each model has a specific moves it can perform. These dont always correspond to the number of hex soaces moved either. For example a half loop costs 4 movement but doesnt actually move your model, it just turns it 180 degrees like umm a half loop ๐Ÿ™‚
These โ€œmovesโ€ make Broken Skies quite fun. Why move? Well there are advantages to getting into advantagous positions for better targeting. For example trying to shoot at your opponent head on risks collision where as being on his tail gets extra bonuses.
Because of the board and because of piracy I have decided that Broken Skies will contain pretty much most of what you will need for all games of Broken Skies.
What I mean by that is that you will have more stuff in that game which will allow you to expand by just adding the models.
Certainly at this stage the plan is to have the stat cards for the starter models but also all of the Democracy and Atlantican models as well. So you can add more models from those ranges and have the stat cards ready to go from the core set.
I am hoping to offer an expansion set that will add Coils, Deceivers, Valiants and maybe Red Star flyers as well. These may or may not be in the preorder.
Anyway more on that next month.