The Overlords are coming!

The Overlords are the 9th faction out of the 14 Bot War factions. They are perhaps the most unique Bot War faction in many ways. Firstly, they are essentially kaiju. Giant mutated creatures. The story of the Overlords is much deeper however.

While Overlords is the collective term for the faction in Bot War, the name actually is specific to the brain like creatures that are the leaders of the faction. Of these Gorg is the most well known. The Overlords are actually alien beings from another planet. The first of them, Gorg, landed on Earth, destroying the Red Star capital. Unusually, the Overlords are neither warriors or care about planetary conquests. Instead they are obsessed with the gladiatorial contests that entertain their planet. As such young Overlords roam the galaxy looking for the universe’s most powerful creatures. Using the DNA of these creatures the Overlords use a green ooze to mutate power beast gladiators in the hope of becoming a Master Mutator. Gorg is the offspring of one of the most respected Master Mutators in the universe. It was because of this that Gorg set out on a journey to find and mutate the nastiest creatures and conquer the arena.

Upon finding Earth, Gorg has managed to mutate some very powerful kaiju. He is now champion of the outer arena’s. Saur his fiurst champion is now retired. But Thresherlord, his current champion is the pick for ultimate champion. Using, the Bot War to hone his warriors skills is just an added bonus to Gorg.

Due to Gorg’s success other Overlords have arrived on Earth to try and emulate Gorg. Gorg resents these upstarts but his ego keeps them around.

After landing and destroying the Red Star capital the Red Star Nations fought back. Eventually stealing some canisters of green ooze and creating the Dinoborgs. Gorg covets the Dinoborgs for his arena and thinks they may be more powerful than even his shark kaiju. After some major battles the Red Star with the Dinoborgs finally forced Gorg to retreat. And for some time Gorg has laid low. Hidden underground in his colossal space craft working on his mutations. By now he is ready. An all new force of mutated Overlords kaiju are ready to take revenge on the Red Star Nations and capture the Dinoborgs.

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