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The first Atlantican War – Bot War Origin Story

BOT WAR The year is 1985.  For the last 40 years the Democracy has led planet earth. At first, this dominion was an agreeable one.  The Democracy’s values were an inspiration to all nations of the earth.  Even the Red Star nations could not help but admire them.  Just over 20 years into the Democracy’s […]

Who Are the Bots? Origin and backstory of the Bots

Who are the Bots? The story of Bot War is the story of the apocalypse. In the beginning there were only Valiants.  Beings created by the One to serve Him.  Of these, the greatest was named Galaxy.  Overtime Galaxy grew proud and rebelled against the One.  A third of all the Valiants allied with Galaxy […]

Bot War – Atlanticans combined bot, Leviathan!!

Atlanticans will be receiving a heavy metal upgrade as King Gills harnesses combining technology to swing the war back in his favour. Leviathan is a 5 bot combined engine of pure destruction. Standing 115mm tall he towers over the enemy. Keep an eye out for Leviathan released later this year for Bot War!

Bot War – Overlords work in progress!

Overlords represent the first monster faction for Bot War. They are aliens from outer space. Intergalactic gamblers obsessed with gladiatorial games on their home planet. They mutate strains of beasts to make the fiercest creatures possible. They have come to earth to test their progeny against the power of the Bots. Overlords will be released […]

BOT WAR! Character Cards – All

BOT WAR SECOND EDITION STAT CARDS NEW FORMAT Highway Pirates – Deceiver sub faction (experimental) updated 18/07/19 NEW FORMAT Overlords cards (experimental) updated 3/06/19 NEW FORMAT Trashers cards (experimental) updated 1/06/19 NEW  FORMAT Atlanticans cards updated 28/06/19 NEW FORMAT Deceiver cards updated 27/07/19 NEW FORMAT Democracy cards updated 20/08/19 NEW FORMAT Infesters cards updated 07/09/19 […]

Lamiarian Ambush

On the planet Dular, a Lamiarian blackwatch squad searches for new sacrifices. Coming upon a Tamarin clan outpost they quickly spring an ambush. Lamiar gunslaves and warriors burst from the forests to ambush the Tamarin outpost. The Lamiarian cultists encounter more Tamarin resistance than they barabined for! Lamiarian warriors form the spearhead of the assault […]

Painting Lamiar Gun Slaves – Part 2

These were really quick to paint (being mostly skin) After the second skin highlight with vallejo salmon I blacked out the armour and weapons. Once blacked out I used scorched brown on the leather parts hightlighted up with bestial brown and bleached bone.  I used Army Builder boltgun metal on the weapon and edging.  I […]