Blog Update 21st August 2020 – Good News All Round?

Blog August 21st 2020

Hi All,

I thought I would try and engage more with this blog and post my updates here rather than facebook. Lets see how it goes 😀

Bot War –

For those that don’t yet know, the amazing Deceivers and the Democracy models that were part of the crowdfund through this site are almost here! In fact I daresay they will be touching down in Australia early next week perhaps. This is super exciting of course as the Traders Galaxy resin miniatures are world class. The Democracy range will have every model except the infantry in resin! Deceivers won’t be far behind. Beastlords are already a full resin force.

Some will have noticed that the brand new Valiants are currently up for preorder as well. If you are into the Valiants I encourage you to preorder. The more preorders, the faster the delivery time!

The game is going really well at the moment and there seems to be some great momentum with people really liking the simplicity and tactical depth of the rules. To find out more on that skip over to the “about Bot War” pages on this website.
I should soon be receiving my updated prototype of the card city and airport terrain set for Bot War. This will be essentially two 3×3 set ups of terrain and flooring. It will retail quite affordably at around the $30usd mark. The set maybe cheap but it looks rather cool too, check out some of the new backgrounds on some of the Bot War products in the store. I still think the floor tiles will need to glue and varnish to a board personally, but at $30 for two different tables worth – bargain.

Bot War Exclusives –

For those that don’t know, it has been customary that every month an exclusive miniature is packed free with all orders of $160usd or more. This month of August its the new Blockade. A disenfranchised Deceiver turned Mercenary. So far 3 Mercenaries have been released and once you have them all you will have a pretty exclusive faction of characters. The merc cards are still being developed but you can check them out over on the “about Bot War game” page on this site. September will see a new Mercenary exclusive, who has been sitting half done on my painting table for a month so I better get painting :).

Rise of the Democracy –

September will be the big month for the Rise of the Democracy. ROTD is a 28mm scale game set in the early days of the Bot War. There will be 4 factions for the game but only 2 will be available in September. The first draft rules and cards will be available soon for free on the Rise of the Democracy webstore section. All the characters will be available for September. The game and miniatures look really amazing and the minis are some of the finest metal minis I have made. Wait until you see the Sky Cycle!! I am in overdrive prepping the studio with more 28mm scaled terrain so we can run some great games for all to see.

Another new game in the works!
Work has started on a new aerial dogfight game that will use the Bot War aircraft miniatures. This game is being designed by Aidan Spittles and will follow the same ethos of all Traders Galaxy games. That is fun, easy to learn, strategic and tactical. The game is a hex based game using just a few models per side. It will be another awesome reason to collect the growing Bot War range of minis.

Anyway, loads of exciting things ahead. Awesome minis, great games and even some cool terrain. If you haven’t checked out Bot War or Rise of the Democracy yet take some time to browse through this website and have a look.

Happy gaming – Anthony