Blog Post 23/8/20 Monday Edition Update

Just a quick news update today.

Today I sent off a large batch of orders. These were orders that didn’t contain any preorder stuff. My tracking shows the new resin Deceivers and Democracy due in Wednesday. I am expecting them Thursday or Friday though. Until then I have been furiously casting metals so I can pick those orders as fast as possible when the resins arrive. lol soo many Stomps :D. Obviously he was a huge hit :). There are currently a lot of backorders sitting there waiting for the new resins. I actually think half of the new resins will be sold with just preorders! Bot War is growing fast 🙂 which is awesome and its had some great reviews by some popular channels recently which is even more awesome. I also cant believe that I have only 25 Resin Starter Sets left!!!!!!!! What??? This means that even if I ordered more today we are looking at October!!! So I would be quick if you want a Starter Set soon.


Bot War Updates –

So some pretty cool things are in the pipeline. Some I can talk about, others I am not ready to talk about just yet. 🙂

Bot War Comic –

The first thing is that it seems the comic pages for Bot War will be resurrected. Yep the third installment is in the works. Meh, its been a slow process but its pretty cool 🙂


Miniatures –

We have currently started work on the new Megatyrant concept art (including an alt form!!! Shhhh more on this later!!!). I think you guys will like it :). Sculpting has also started on Rambot, Turbo and Fear as well as some Dinoborg reinforcements for Red Star Nations! The bad guys are definitely getting a boost it seems.

Hopefully I will start moulding the new Rise of the Democracy 28mm second wave of miniatures. These will be some awesome minis. If you havent already you can download the first draft rulebook and stat cards free on the Rise of Democracy web store cataegory. Check it out.