Blog Post 12/9/20

I am not very good at keeping up these Blog posts :).

As usual there is a lot going on at Traders Galaxy, with a lot of great stuff on the way.  For those who frequent the Facebook community for Bot War then you should be pretty up to date where things are at for that game.  However, today I will start with the goings on for Rise of Democracy.

Rise of Democracy – 

Frustratingly for me this game is behind schedule :).  The first draft rules and stat cards are out but I was hoping to have completed the terrain and table by this time and be scheduling the first filmed game.  Cest La vie.  The table is almost done so it shouldnt be too long.  The game plays very similar to Bot War and this is intentional.  I didnt want players to require even more intellectual investment to learn another set of rules etc.  In fact, the game even uses the Bot War dice.  A big difference is the reliance on squads.  In Rise of Democracy heroes are important for support, but squads and war machines are the heavy hitters.  The game and stat cards are available free in the webstore.  Check it out.

Broken Skies – 

Broken Skies is the title of the new game being worked on by Aidan Spittles and myself.  Its a fun hex based aerial dogfight game using Bot War aircraft.  Set in the Bot War universe, this 2 player game uses just a few models per side and looks like it will be a fun quick game to use your Bot War aircraft with.  Once again the game is a little behind schedule at the moment but I hope to have a first draft rules, cards and board available by the end of the month.


Bot War – 

As the main game for Traders Galaxy there is always a lot of stuff happening for Bot War :D.  The new resin Deceivers and Democracy have been a huge hit.  And so they should, because they are awesome minis :).  Beastlords continue to be super popular.  Be sure to check out the new resin Valiants on preorder!  So many amazing Valiants coming including characters that have been out of production for a long time like Apax, Doubleback and Dustwind for example.  In fact, over half the Valiants range is on preorder for resin updates and I cant wait for them to arrive. Make sure you have your preorder done to ensure you dont miss out.   But that’s not all.  Some on the Bot War Facebook community would have seen wave 2 of the Deceivers with the amazing new Megatyrant and his thugs Rambot, Fear and Turbo.  Megatyrant hates being subordinate to Narcitron and resents Galaxy.  All these will be done in resin this year.  But after the Valiants arrive, which is the current major release, the next major release will be new Atlanticans!  Some amazing minis have been sculpted for Atlantica including the massive Omen!  The Atlanticans release will likely go on preorder end of October/ start of November.  Omen, Kamen, Neptune, new tanks, Barracuda II’s and more!  The Atlantican release will be awesome.

But there is even more already in redevelopment than this :).  It is hoped that January will go off with a completely unexpected upgraded faction!!  The concepts for these are looking really exciting and I cant wait to get sculpts happening.