Blog Post 3/9/20

Hi All,


Bot War

Well its been a huge 2 days :).

It seems the new resin minis are hot property at the moment.  Especially the new Deceivers Army Deal.

They are amazing minis actually and once again the extremely high quality of the Traders Galaxy resin casts shine through.  Personally though, my favourite new models are the Democracy Special Branch and I cant wait to get the army list I wrote a few weeks ago featuring them on the table.

Also Destroyer is now in stock so I expect to see a lot of combining going on now.  Atlantican players have been asking when Leviathan is back in stock.  I am guessing around mid to late October for Leviathan.  He is being recast at a different resin manufacturer to the original batch.  Bot War is going crazy right now as people discover the game.  Its an awesome game to get into for sure.

This Monday its game on again vs Aidan Spittles.  I doubt I will have my Democracy forces completed for then so I am not 100% sure what faction I wish to take.  I really enjoyed using Red Star Nations in the last game.  That faction is pretty tough and packs some real punch.


Rise of the Democracy

I am about half way through 2/3s of a table worth of terrain 🙂  But am keen to get a first game in on video.  I have Docs Desert Dogs, Alabama, Grills, Major Pain, Flynn Turner and Skycycle on the paint table right now, although its been delayed as I smash the orders out.  Also I havent shown it yet but Mineshaft the first 28mm scaled bot and his alt form has been successfully cast.  He stands about 60mm tall and is a Snake Corp Crawler (smallest bots in Bot War).  However in 28mm scales vs humans he is truly scary.  His alt form gives him the ability to tunnel under the battle field to arrive in turn 2 anywhere he wishes!! Ouch.

The minis for Rise of the Democracy are really cool and are full of character.

Broken Skies is the working title for a new hex based Air Combat game using the Bot War flying models.  The game is written by Aidan Spittles and follows the same theme for all Traders Galaxy games – Fun and easy to play. :).  Like Bot War and Rise of the Democracy the game will also use the Bot War dice kit for combat.

The rules are done (just need formatting into a book) and the cards and upgrades are being worked on now.  Broken Skies will be another cool reason to get out all your flying Bot War models to be master of the skies over the Democracy.