Campaign Week 3

Campaign update 3
Firstly, my sincere apologies for this being late.
A huge push by COILS this week. It appears that their poor performance last update was a feint that has allowed COILS to strike at the very heart of the Democracy! Starting at the Space Portal site, COILS forces now threaten the White Knights base. Also further north the COILS cells led by Ghost have risen up and taken over Motor City, seemingly the mercenary Deceiver – Blackwheel is ok with this. The DVIA are holding on but are being hunted from safe house to safe house by COILS agents. Total complacency on the part of the defenders of freedom is to blame for this outrageous circumstance.
Right now things are looking grim indeed for the Democracy. If the central areas are controlled by COILS, where can the Democracy go if Atlantica attacks with strength on the coast?