Campaign Final


Campaign Wrap Up


  1. Motor City – After changing hands twice before being overrun with Infesters, Motor City is still a very dangerous place within the Democracy. It is rumoured that the Queen has made a hive in the Subway network there and it is perilous to go underground. Blackwheel and his mercs kept a low profile and have thus survived.  If it wasn’t for Swordana and her White Knights though, the city would be totally lost.


  1. New East City – The city help fast against two major attacks in the campaign. Once again the White Knights proved that their arrival was in the nick of time.


3 & 4. West Cities – Both cities were overrun but in the last moments of the battle were retaken by the Democracy with White Knight help.


  1. South City – With most of the Valiants fighting against COILS to the south, South City was only defended by a small garrison. In a devious plan, COILS agents from the Space Portal marched south and took the city.  A COILS Fortress of Pain now stands in the centre of the city.


6 & 7.  Old East Cities – After the Darkstones blitzing attacks on Old East Cities in the early stages of the campaign Darkstone simply disappeared.  The cities easily fell prey to COILS attacks from the sea.  But before the COILS attackers could link up with the garrisons at the Space Portal, Deceivers attacked and routed the COILS occupiers.  Now the Deceivers rule Old East Cities.


  1. Eastcoast City – After COILS took the city, Swordana rallied her White Knights and attacked COILS before they could dig in. With the Deceivers in the north and the White Knights attacking the south, COILS retreated and met up with their garrisons from the Space Portal.  The force then moved to occupy Southern City.


  1. Westbeach City – With the Valiant garrison in the south, Westbeach City has been overrun by Trashers. The Trashers defeated the Atlanticans at Westbeach in the campaigns early days and have remained there since.


  1. The Space Portal – Unfortunately for the Defenders of Freedom the Space Portal was a primary objective of the campaign. Dr Mindtwist was stationed here and the facility received no attacks.  There will be grave consequences for allowing Dr Mindtwist to continue his research unhindered.


  1. C.O.I.L.S Border Fortresses – A concerted effort by the Valiants has succeeded in smashing the COILS fortress advance in the south. However, the COILS garrison at the Space Portal struck south and now controls Southern City, cutting the Valiants off.


  1. Ducal’s primary Valiant base – The Valiant base remains intact and indeed the base suffered no attacks from the Forces of Death.  However, the base only has a weak garrison and many of the Valiants are cut off in the south.


  1. Darkstone’s mountain fortress – Presumably after the inexplicable attacks on Old East City, Darkstone must have returned to his mountain fortress.


14, 15, 16, 17.  C.O.I.L.S Banana Republic –  COILS remains stronger than ever with a successful incursion deep into the heart of Democracy territory.  The Fortresses of Pain on the southern border are destroyed but COILS now holds Southern City and have cut off the majority of Valiants from the Democracy.


  1. C.O.I.L.S secret base – The COILS secret base wasn’t even discovered.


  1. Atlantican floating city – After an initial foray into Westcoast City the Atlanticans retreated to their floating cities. Who knows what they are up to?


  1. Deceiver base in the abandoned C.O.I.L.S facility – No attacks took place against the Deceiver base. It remains as strong as ever.


  1. New Democracy Capital – Motor Coty provided a good bastion for the New Democracy capital. And although Motor City saw some heavy fighting, it held just enough so the capitol was safe.


  1. Electrotyrants Drone Factory – It is a mystery as to what happened to Electrotyrant during the campaign. His Drone Factory is destroyed and there is no trace of Electrotyrant, Sonique, or his Drones.