The Raptorborgs were a reluctant choice for the Red Star command. Firstly, it was thought that the Raptorborgs, being lighter and smaller, would have little utility against Gorg’s larger and stronger Shark Kaiju. And secondly the Raptor DNA, although the most numerous and intact of the dinosaur DNA, was prone to high intelligence and aggression. A lethal combination if they were to be controlled by humans. Several “Murders” of Raptors were created for the Dinoborg program. Most were terminated due to “accidents” in which Red Star personnel were killed or injured.
Only one Murder remains, consisting of 5 individuals.
There were advantages to the intelligence of the Raptor DNA in that the advanced computer microchips that help the Dinoborgs understand and carry out orders was not required. However the aggression inhibitor chip also present in all Dinoborgs needed a secondary back up in the Raptorborgs.
In battle the Raptorborgs rarely operate as an individual. Instead they are usually deployed in small packs where their natural hunting instincts and teamwork are advantages. In this way the smaller Raptorborgs can bring down much larger prey.