The Eagle’s Veterans get their own faction guide!

The Democracy Faction Guide is released today! There will not be another faction guide released for a few months now as we have had Red Cannoneers, Special Branch, Green Spectres and Democracy in the space of just 3 months. I am pretty sure Alantica will be the next guide with Golden Lions for Valiants and Red Star Nations soon after. Then another long wait for Blue Speedsters and Immolators.

The guides have been fun but exhausting and I am happy for the break from them for a bit 🙂

A huge thanks to Steve Remington for the Democracy faction guide as Steve co wrote many of the Bios for the guide as well as the short story at the end.

It should be noted that in official tournament rules terms the Special Branch and Democracy forces are split and the guides of each are not compatible.

Despite having no Bots the Democracy is still a very powerful faction on the table.  There are some new editions to the faction as well, with some ROTD favourites in the background lore like the ATV and the Mongoose joining with new entries such as the Mobile Command Bunker and the awesome Hovercraft.  The Hovercraft also fulfils a hobby role sorely lacking in the Democracy force, a nice centre piece model.  It’s on an 80mm base!

Overall, it has been a lot of work but it has been also hugely enjoyable to write the Democracy Faction Guide.  I hope you enjoy exploring the Democracy faction.

Happy Gaming