ROTD Army Books!

Work has started on the ROTD Army Books and already the brilliant C.O.I.L.S Army Book has been released. The ROTD Army Books give you all the rules and background for the chosen army and also come with a separate PDF download of the stat cards.

At the time of writing this article the Steel Hyenas Army Book nears completion and the Eagle’s Veterans Army Book starts its draft stage. It is hoped that throughout 2024 all of the ROTD Army Books will see a release date. The following Army Books are expected –

COILS – Released
Steel Hyenas – Feb/March 24
Eagle’s Veterans – May/June 24
Red Star – July/Aug 24
Atlantica – Oct/Nov 24
Minor Forces (Green Tentacle Ninjas, Mercenaries, Freedom Fighters, Red Baron States, Desert Tribes) – Dec 24