Who are the Green Spectres?

Developers Notes:

Over the course of the last 6 months I have been busy making the Bot War faction guides.  These are essentially an army book for each of the factions in the Bot War.  It became apparent that some of the factions were a little unwieldy to say the least.  None more so than the Valiants.  Its important to note that the faction guides are not required to play a game of Bot War, however, the Faction Guides are the only official forces permitted for Bot War tournaments.  In the case of the Valiants, of course you can still use any Valiants you wish to in your games.  But none of the battlegroup bonuses, unique characters, or upgrades will officially transfer across.  Also important to note is that although the stat card design itself in the guides has been updated, ALL existing characters have exactly the same stats both in and out of the guide.  So you can easily trial a battlegroup faction using your current stat cards.

Because the Valiants faction had over 60 characters its flavour was also a bland for my taste.  So the Valiant battlegroups were formed.  Narratively the battlegroups were formed by Ducal after the recent battles in the 2022 July Bot War campaign (Check out the digital copy on sale HERE).  But development wise it was about splitting up the large faction into 4 battlegroups – Red Cannoneers, Green Spectres, Golden Lions, Blue Speedsters.  Each of these battlegroups would have their own leadership and most importantly a strong theme which would reflect in how they play.

The Green Spectres, as you may have gathered from their name, are all about stealth.  They also have a slight close combat slant but no where near as much as the Trashers, who sit on the extreme end.  The Green Spectres therefore have some great tools centred around deployment and activations.  Whilst the Green Spectres are not as “direct” as the Red Cannoneers, they are potentially much stronger than the Red Cannoneers when commanded by an advanced player.

Like many of the faction guides I have also taken the chance to add some fun and interesting new upgrades that are unique to the faction.  The upgrades in the faction guides are unique to the faction guide forces.

The Bot War faction guides are now the primary source for lore which each character in a faction getting a details biography and the force itself getting an introduction on its role in the Bot War conflict.

Overall, I am pleased at how the Faction Guides have really added so much to the game.

Happy Gaming!