Red Cannoneers

The last 2 months we have been Valiant crazy with the release of the amazing Red Cannoneers in February and the Green Spectres just yesterday.  I spoke briefly already about the green Spectres so I thought I would glance back at the Red Cannoneers.  Having used the Red Cannoneers in a few battles now I think the faction is incredibly strong and I suspect the new battlegroups will shift the meta of the game back in favour of the forces of freedom.

Whilst it’s true that the actual stats for the characters have not changed there are some subtle extras bestowed for taking a Red Cannoneers force.  By far the biggest thing is that for Red Cannoneers short range is extended to 11″.  This tiny change is absolutely a huge deal in Bot War as many ground based forces have a movement of 7″ which makes their ram attack 10″.  Being able to boost shots at an enemy without fear of a ram attack counter is really handy.

Not only that, but like many of the newer faction guides the Red Cannoneers get access to a whole host of unique Red Cannoneer upgrades too.  Cool stuff like advanced weapon chip and custom blaster lets you fine tune your force to crush your enemies.

The Red Cannoneers are direct and simple.  They blast enemies off the board, that’s what they do.  For this reason they are an excellent force to try for beginners.  All you have to remember is to stay at 11″ and shoot shoot shoot :).  That’s not to say to say they are a sure bet.  They aren’t .  But they are stronger than a mixed Valiant force for sure, and more fun in my opinion.

Happy Gaming!