Collection of Infesters articles written on the Facebook Bot War Group.

Below is a cut and paste of Infester articles written by me on the Facebook Bot War group.  Enjoy – With a little resurgence in Infesters popularity I thought I would spare a few minutes to write a little bit about them. Spotlight On – Infesters! Infesters are the remnants of damage Deceiver code. In […]

What Lurks Beneath – Bot War Fan Fiction by Steven Remington

What Lurks Beneath By Steven Remington Many people didn’t understand just how deep and dark the ocean depths were. Oh, they’d heard that it was, but they didn’t really KNOW. The concept of deep water, miles and miles of it, the inky black depths, sunlight incapable of penetrating that far down was something that most […]

Blog Post 27-09-20 – October Exclusive Miniature – Arsenal!!

Hi All,  My apologies for the sporadic timing of these Blog posts :). Its been a crazy last two weeks with a lot happening but also not much happening.  Let me try explain that contradiction 😀 So at the moment my bases order has been delayed which has been ridiculously frustrating to say the least.  […]

Blog Post 3/9/20

Hi All,   Bot War Well its been a huge 2 days :). It seems the new resin minis are hot property at the moment.  Especially the new Deceivers Army Deal. They are amazing minis actually and once again the extremely high quality of the Traders Galaxy resin casts shine through.  Personally though, my favourite […]

September Exclusive Miniature – Demolition

September Exclusive miniature – Demolition. Demolition is a mercenary and is packed free with all orders of $160usd or more in September AEST. He forms part of an exclusive Mercenary faction or can be allies to specific factions in fun games. Demolition was present at the very first Deceiver battle on earth. Snake Corp troops […]

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