BOT WAR! Character Cards – All

BOT WAR SECOND EDITION STAT CARDS Beastlords cards updated 14/5/20 Final Overlords cards updated 14/5/20 Final Atlanticans cards updated 14/5/20 Final Democracycards updated 4/6/20 Final Deceiver cards updated 7/3/20 Infesters cards updated 29/2/20 Final Red Star Nations updated 4/6/20 Final Snake Corp cards updated 14/5/20 Valiants cards updated 7/3/20 Trashers cards updated 19/5/20 Final

June “Win a titan” Competition – Webstore Relaunch!

To celebrate the webstore getting back to full capacity in June, we are having a competition! The June “WIN a TITAN” competition!! Simply spend $200usd or more in a single webstore transaction during June and you will be automatically entered into a draw to win your choice of either 1 x Deceiver Destroyer, OR, 1 […]

Sneak Peak – The Seven Cities of Gold

The Seven Cities of Gold is a 28mm fantasy skirmish squad based game set in the steaming jungles of South America during the Spanish conquests of Cortez and Pirazzo. The game features 5 factions – Conquistadors with knights and canons Aztecs with Demons Incas with Dinosaurs Myans with Animal Spirit Golems Olmecs with Technology The […]

May 2020 Notice

This is just a heads up that the store is at reduced capacity over May due to a personal injury. The store will be back to full capacity on the 1st of June with lots of new amazing resin products and many of the existing metal ones. My apologies for any inconvenience. In the meantime […]

Bot War Story – Instrument of Destruction By Steven Remington

Smoke. Fire. Frantic yelling. Explosions. This is what Digger lived for. He was always looking forward to the next battle, even now with his life running low, near death, he couldn’t wait for the final blow to be struck. Unlike every other Deceiver, minus his fellow Builders, he didn’t have to worry about the inevitable […]

Bot War Kickstarter Project – Coming 20 April 2020

  That’s right.  We have a Kickstarter coming next month. 20th of April!! It’s super simple with only a single pledge level.  The idea is to help finance the additional outsourcing of more resin models.  The single pledge level means I can easily deliver it.  The great thing is the Kickstarter is backer focused, so […]

Deceivers Origins Continued

With the separation of Megatyrant and Electrotyrant the known Deceiver forces fragmented into just a few Bots across each faction. Both Tyrants tried to supplement their numbers with drones or the slightly superior Mirror Warriors. However these were only moderately successful. Lacking the code requirements for ether connection the drone code becomes increasingly unreliable. As […]

Atlantican Fan fiction Story – By Steve Remington

King Gills was furious. Stalking down the hall of his palace, serving staff scuttling to clear the way, pressing themselves flat against the walls while royal guards snapped to attention and saluted, clapping their mailed fists against their shiny silver breastplates. The King ignored them all, furiously making a bee line to his strategic bunker, […]