BOT WAR! Character Cards – All

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Sneak Peak – The Seven Cities of Gold

The Seven Cities of Gold is a 28mm fantasy skirmish squad based game set in the steaming jungles of South America during the Spanish conquests of Cortez and Pirazzo. The game features 5 factions – Conquistadors with knights and canons Aztecs with Demons Incas with Dinosaurs Myans with Animal Spirit Golems Olmecs with Technology The […]

Bot War Story – Instrument of Destruction By Steven Remington

Smoke. Fire. Frantic yelling. Explosions. This is what Digger lived for. He was always looking forward to the next battle, even now with his life running low, near death, he couldn’t wait for the final blow to be struck. Unlike every other Deceiver, minus his fellow Builders, he didn’t have to worry about the inevitable […]