Bot War – Short Story

Max Star didn’t like being here. The Valiant’s headquarters was massive, even though it was mostly just a gypsy camp composed of dilapidated buildings slapped together with massive sheets of plywood and scrap metal and tents composed of dozens of huge sheets of blue tarp held together with little more than zip ties, all draped […]

Bashers short story part 2

The mission went as they usually did: all according to plan until it didn’t, or as the humans sometimes said, pear-shaped. Hotwheel elected to lead the mission and selected Topshot, Heatsink, Recovery and Longstride to accompany him. The others were to stay at base in order to respond to any other crisis that decided to […]

Bot War – Recommended for age 14 and up

Bot War and Traders Galaxy models are mostly all metal multipart kits. These models require some tools to assemble correctly.  I would recommend a pin vice with drill bits, files, and of course, super glue. The models should first be washed to remove the talc release agent then the holes should be cleaned out used […]

Bot War 2nd Edition F.A.Q’s

BOT WAR! 2nd Edition F.A.Q. Q. On page 17 of the rulebook the Air support Super ability costs 2 Energy cubes and says a model may triple its movement and on page 20 Ram Attack says a model may add 3 inches to its movement. Do I have to pay 2 cubes for teh ability […]

The first Atlantican War – Bot War Origin Story

BOT WAR The year is 1985.  For the last 40 years the Democracy has led planet earth. At first, this dominion was an agreeable one.  The Democracy’s values were an inspiration to all nations of the earth.  Even the Red Star nations could not help but admire them.  Just over 20 years into the Democracy’s […]